Sunday, January 10, 2010

Menu Plan/Pantry Challenge

We are about to begin the 2nd full week of The Eat From the Pantry Challenge. :)
I bought groceries last night, but I am still a good portion under budget.  Honestly, I have enough meals from the last 2 menus that we didn't even get to - thank you leftovers! - that I am making our menu almost wholly from previous menus. I did make a few meals that were on my Pantry meal list though not on my menu. I have been dealing with a possibly broken nose(hopefully we'll find out for sure tomorrow) and, along with my constantly bleeding nose, my appetite has been finicky the last few weeks. Nothing really sounds good when it comes time to cook.

Menu for the week of 1/11/10
Friendship Bread(original cinnamon, chocolate with chocolate chips and trying a new recipe chocolate with mint chips found on Christmas clearance. T loves mint!)
Cinnamon Rolls


50s Prime Time Meatloaf with Mashed potatoes
Black eye pea casserole with corn bread
Angel hair pasta with peppers served with steamed broccoli
Baked Italian Chicken Spaghetti with Green Beans
Philly cheese steaks
Deer Steaks with Baked Potatoes


Crazy Shenanigans said...

You're doing 100 dollars a month right? I'm trying to get really better about grocery money.

Shoshanah said...

All of those friendship breads just sound so good!