Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

After being tagged multiple times, I have decided to finally jump on the bandwagon and fill this out. Bear with me as this will probably take 10 times as long for me to write as it will for you to read.

1) I actually like to clean, especially doing laundry and washing the dishes. I just don't like feeling like I am forced to do those things.
2) I love my family an absolutely ridiculous amount and I don't know what I would do without them. I am close to each of my six siblings, I have great relationships with my parents and wonderful relationships with my Grandmommy and my cousin Valerie. I cherish every single one of them.
3) I have called my sister(Heather) Honey for as long as I can remember. Don't know why. She's just my Honey.
4) People actually think I have a sister named Honey.
5) I have to sleep with something over me. I could be completely burning up and still have the sheet over me because I simply can not sleep without something covering me. Thankfully, Trevor likes the room to be completely cold when we sleep so that we can be at a comfortable temperature while snuggled under our blankets.
6) I have a new hobby of digi-scrapbooking. I have been downloading kits for a while but I am just not getting to really play with them and make layouts.
7) Ponchatoula, LA is one of my favorite places ever. It combines some of my favorite things in life: my Grandmommy, Hi-Ho BBQ sandwiches, antiques and a wonderfully adorable small town.
8) I am a firm believer in tears being therapeutic. Therefore, I cry alot. haha
9) I have the most precious neice, Josie, who now knows how to say my name but still calls me Aunt Monkey... and I don't really mind it. I think it's hilarious.
10) I can't wait to be a mom but we are waiting until we are both done with school. Trevor will make an amazing dad one day!
11) I love jackets - light, heavy, pull-over, whatever. I have entirely too many of them.
12) I like to dress up and look cute, but in reality I would much rather put on comfy jeans and a t-shirt. And this is what usually wins out when I am getting ready for school at 6am.
13) I never wore makeup until I was in college. Growing up, my parents encouraged us to not wear makeup. I appreciate this now because I feel comfortable in my own skin and don't feel like I have to "put on my face" every morning before I face the world. I love to wear makeup but only do it occasionally. Because I didn't grow up wearing it, I still feel slightly ackward with applying it and wearing it. Strange, I know.
14) When Winnie(13) was little, I used to wrap her up and put her in my plastic sewing box. A few times I even floated her in this makeshift basket in a bathtub full of water. This earned her the nickname of "Baby Moses" in my family. What can I say? I grew up with my own live baby doll and I loved playing with her.
15) I completely cherish memories from my childhood. I loved growing up in a Christian family and some of my favorite memories are from roadtrips with my family where we would sing in the car for hours. I specifically remember: Adventures in Odyssey, Hide 'Em in Your Heart, Psalty, Sandy Patty and the Friendship Company, Accapella Kids.... so many more. I want to make sure my kids grow up in such a loving, caring and Christian environment.
16) I was homeschool until I was in the 10th grade. For 10th grade and the first semester of 11th grade, I went to Veritas. After Christmas, I stayed home and finished up highschool in the last semester of my 11th grade while taking dual-enrollment classes at Hinds. I don't regret either experience(homeschooling or private school) and appreciate the opportunity to graduate early.
17) I joined a sorority my second year at USM. It was completely unexpected of me, as I am completely opposite of your stereotypical sorority girl but I absolutely loved it!
18) Trevor and I have almost been married for a year! He is truly my best friend and I am still overwhelmed with how blessed I truly am to have him.
19) I love vegetables, but I could never be a vegetarian. I couldn't give up eating chicken, fish, etc. I truly applaud people who have made that commitment.
20) I am slowly but surely getting the hang of "couponing" and I love seeing how much I save and seeing Trevor's reactions to the totals. =)
21) I absolutely love shopping at Sam's and would probably do so more often if it didn't hurt my wallet so much. haha. Truly, it saves money in the long haul, it just seems so painful at the time!
22) I was paralyzed in highschool from complex migraine episodes. I still have migraines but I try not to complain about them too much because I know the episodes could be a lot worse.
23) A particular relative(whom I was not very close to anyhow) said that she didn't come to see me in the hospital because she saw no point in rewarding childish behavior and didn't support people faking illnesses in order to gain attention. I kid you not... She told me this to my face after I got out of the hospital. It really hurt me that 1) she would think I was faking something that was medically evident, 2) she thought so little of my character, and 3) that she actually said this to my face. I have only told a few people this - ever. Well, until now. But I think my secret is safe considering no one actually reads this. HA. Because of that I am very self-conscious anytime I say that I don't feel good. I would never fake something in order to get attention. geesh. End of rant...
24) I absolutely can not stand music where you can't understand what the person is saying. This includes, but is not limited to, rap, heavy metal, etc... I just don't understand the point of it. And I hate "music" where there is a lot of screaming... to me that is just not music.
25) I like to laugh and I enjoy making others laugh. But not at stupid things or ill-humor. Just pure, sweet, innocent fun and laughter. It's good for the soul.

I guess that is all for now. I think I am going to finish folding some clothes and then I will, hopefully, get to go to bed a little early. =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh dear...

Where to start?
I am sick. And as a women who is sick, I understand that everything seems 20 times worse than it really is. So I am trying to keep everything in perspective and not worry or stress.
I cannot seem to kick the sinus/allergy problems that I am having. I am miserable about 18/24 hours. The only time I seem to get any relief is when I sleep. Yesterday, I didn't do my work study at school and came home after school to eat lunch, take meds, sleep from 2-5, study and eat some chicken noodle soup, and was back in bed by 8:45.
I woke up at 4:30 this morning which I guess is to be expected since I went to bed so early. So I woke up and took advantage of the extra time to enjoy a long shower, study, and cook Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Muffins. Seeing Trevor's reaction to the muffins was totally worth the extra effort. He was so precious this morning. :)
My test went well this morning... and then everything seemingly went downhill. Since I had so much time before my next class, I went to the financial aid office. They had told us at the beginning of the semester when we received our awards letter for our pell grants that the refunds come in two parts and the first would come February 20th(this Friday). So I just wanted to find out when the second part was coming.
Come to find out, they changed the refund schedule. Pell grant refunds for students who live on campus and student loans come back on Friday. But pell grant refunds for commuter students aren't being returned until April 8th. *sigh*
It's frustrating to think for a month and a half that we are getting our money back soon just to find out that we won't be getting it for almost another 2 months. Since Trevor and I don't start work until April, our cash flow is rather limited. Needless to say, I almost busted into tears in the F.A. office. I got a hug from my sweetheart before his class started and then went to the car to cry and call my mom. It's so hard to go from thinking that we had almost $750 coming in Friday and another $750 coming in April to not having any money coming in until April.
I know I am opening myself up for more of the critisism that we received when we first got married. Claims that we are too young, inexperienced, not financially settled... so on and so forth.
But it's ok. Every hits rough spots and everyone has worries and things that cause them stress. We aren't the only ones. After talking with my dad, I felt so much better. Poppa told me that he learned a long time ago to never worry, because if you can change the situation or make it better then there is no reason to worry. And if there is nothing you can do to make it better, then there is still no use wasting your time,energy and emotions worrying over something that can't change.
This afternoon we went by my parent's house to pick up some of my bonds. I still have some of mine left that my grandparents put up for each of us. I got to the bank and got out of the car, just to see the lady walk out and lock the door. So we'll have to wait and deposit it on Friday since I have classes and work study (plus extra since I didn't work Tuesday).
It was a rough day, but it isn't so bad now. I am venting on here to absolutely no one and catching up on TV shows on the internet. :0) Sounds like a pretty good evening plus going to bed early. Though it won't be as early as last night. I am thinking 9:30 rather than 8:30ish.

Goodnight =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank goodness it's... Thursday

Which is my Friday. :)

My tests went well and I like the results that I have so far. I made a 91 on the written portion of my drafting test and a 100 on the drawing portion. Seems like a good way to start off the semester to me. We'll just see if I am feeling as optimistic on Monday when I get the grades back from my other two tests.

Yesterday afternoon I rode with Trevor and his dad to Monticello to take Eli some money to get his truck fixed and to pick up some tires and other random parts for Mr. Allen's race car. Honestly, I heard the names of the part at least a dozen times and I STILL don't even know what they are. HA. I guess it's a good thing that I have a husband who understands cars and the language that goes with them.
We got back around 9 and I tried to check off at least a few of the things that had been on my to do list for the day. By the time 10 rolled around, I was exhausted and ready for bed. Trevor was still up watching TV, so it was just me and our dog, Lady, in our bedroom. And... let me tell you, I had a first. I have never slept with a dog in my bed before. I don't really like them in the bed period but I guess she and I were both tired and somewhere between the petting and loving on her and waiting for Trevor to come to bed, we both fell asleep. haha.

Tonight we are going to the Utica campus to watch the basketball team from Jones play against Hinds. Of course, we will be sitting on the Jones side and cheering them on since most of the guys were on Trevor's team last year. It should be an interesting experience sitting on the "wrong" side.

Trevor has been keeping busy with school and his new volunteer coaching job at Clinton Christian Academy. He is considered volunteer status until he reaches a certain amount of credits(end of spring semester 2010 which is also when I am supposed to graduate) and then he will be considered part-time until he graduates. They have already offered him a full-time job once he graduates. We shall see where the Lord leads on that one. :) He has been putting in several hours and a lot of effort. I just think he is amazing. Of course, I already thought that, this only reiterates the fact. ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday - Enough said, right?

I keep telling myself that I am going to post more often. I get on here everyday and religiously read everyone's blogs but I just don't feel the urge to post.
Being that it is Monday and the start of a new week, I figured I would just put together a little schedule of what my week is going to look like. :)

Monday/Today: I am currently waiting for my 2nd class to start. Yes, I am at school and blogging. That's what happens when facebook is blocked from school computers but blogger isn't. ;) My first class, Construction Materials, wasn't too bad. My next class is my least favorite class, Interpersonal Communication, and I just want to be done with it! We are reviewing for a test on Wednesday. My last class, Principles of AutoCAD, will be interesting. We are having a sub teach and our teacher sent us an e-mail Friday saying she decided to have the test Wednesday instead of next week. Seriously? She isn't going to even be here between now and the time she decided to give the test. UGH. Tonight is Bachelor/Secret Life of the American Teenager night at Honey's and BJ's house. I made Ritz Chicken Casserole to take to her house, one of mine and Trevor's favorites. :)

Tuesday: Drafting test. This test includes both a written test and drawing test. eek. I can draft all I want to but I have never had to draft under pressure and with a certain amount of time to get it done. It has always been done in a project manner rather than a test manner. We shall see how that goes. Work study from 12-5ish

Wednesday: AutoCAD test and Interpersonal Communications test. This is enough stress for one day so I will probably spend the rest of the day recovering. ;)

Thursday - Drafting class but no tests or assignments so I am resting easy for the day. Work study 12-5ish.

Friday - Finishing up my 12 hours of work for the week with work study and then heading to Trevor's parents house to do more cleaning, weeding out, throwing away, giving away, etc. Basically decluttering.

Saturday - Valentine's Day and my niece, Josie AKA Monkey's, 2nd birthday and birthday party. I am meeting mom halfway to pick the little guys up for the party, giving her and poppa some much needed quiet time.

Sunday - Church, dinner with my family and spending the evening with my coupons....

And then it starts back over again... Ohhhh Mondays.