Friday, October 31, 2008

Beautiful Weather and Christmas Music

The weather has been so beautiful. It is a lot cooler but not too cold. It makes working in the kitchens at work so much cooler and nicer. I love it! I just wish I had more leisure time to be outside and enjoy it. :)

I love, love, love Christmas music. And I usually force myself to wait until November 1st to start listening but I couldn't help it. With the weather change I was even more so in the mood to get the music going. So the last few days I have been listening to all of my Christmas music. I think I might try and expand my Christmas music over the next month or so. Any selections of favorites are very welcome. =)

I don't have much more time to write so that I can finish getting ready for work. Leave a comment if you actually read this, it would be appreciated, I promise! I can see that people are viewing my blog but no one, other than Honey occasionally, ever seems to comment. It would just be nice to know who is reading so that I can read your blog as well. Have a great Friday and Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 63 of 1001

Just a small update on my progress!

1.Go on a date with my husband once a month (3/33)
I LOVE date nights or even full days. Period. They are amazing!
2. Well, I have completely slacked on taking pictures of the two of us. I think I need to rectify this.
7. I attended a Halloween party. I don't really like Halloween at all, but I did it for Trevor. In his family growing up, the biggest holiday out of the year was Halloween where as in my family Christmas is the biggest holiday. I enjoyed the evening because I was in my sweetheart's company.
11. Bring him breakfast in bed at least once a month (3/33)
It is so special to treat him with this. He loves it and looks so happy and content(which is very rare for him upon awaking in the mornings. :)
26. Try 10 new recipes (4/10)
We've both been enjoying this one. I even have three new cookbooks to try new recipes from. I'll post more about that on another day.
31. Make new starter for friendship bread and share
Day 1 of the starter. I finally quit procrastinating and made my starter today. I can already taste the cinnamon bread! Yum!
32. Complete a Cross Stitch

Christmas surprises, maybe? :)
49. Get to my “ideal” weight
I have been working out a few nights a week with some of the girls I work with. It is much more enjoyable and motivating for me when I work out with others.
50. Start recycling consistently
Ok, so I am not a recycling pro yet or anything, but I am making progress. :)
55. Go through my full bottle of vitamins
Slowly but surely making my way through it.
59. Don’t buy any new clothes unless they are fully flattering to my body type and make me feel comfortable AND 60. Build my professional/adult wardrobe
I bought 3 new shirts and LOVE them. I feel completely comfortable and feel that they are very flattering. They are also pieces that are part of my professional/adult wardrobe. I am so excited!
79. Read for pleasure once a day (60/1001)
I slacked on this for a few days while my parents were here but I have read enough on other days that I think it makes up for it. This is probably one of my favorite things to check off on my list. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The little things in life...

That make me happy =)

Our vacation was good. Trevor and I were both exhausted by Monday night. We both got ADO's(Approved Day Off) on Tuesday and enjoyed sleeping late. There were still meal credits left from the Dining Plan and they would expire at the end of Tuesday, so we decided to make a day long free date. We had a late breakfast using 2 of the credits. We had some time to kill so we went to Cast Connection and Property Control(one of my favorite places). It is basically a warehouse and store filled with Disney items with mild damage or that we no longer carry in stock on property. It is all highly discounted and then we get a cast discount off of it. I got a kick out of looking at some of the furniture in the back of the store. Whenever they re-do the interiors of the hotels, they sell the furniture at a highly discounted rate. This week they were selling furniture from the Carribean Beach Resort and Fort Wilderness. :)
After looking around for a while, we headed to Downtown Disney. Trevor and I used one set of our free movie tickets from work to go see Fireproof and used what was left of our snacks on the Dining Plan for the movie.
We had dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express with 2 more of the credits. We still didn't use all of the credits but it was nice to enjoy a day long date and not pay for a thing. :)

I dreaded going back to work today. Having the last several days off was great. I could get used to not working WAY too easily. =) But once I got back into the groove of things at work, the day went pretty smoothly. After work they opened the Tower of Terror up to cast members and we rode on it several times. They kept the lights on for the entire ride and offered 8 x 10 photos for $5. We rode a few times and bought the picture from our last ride. :)

And I came home to find a clean kitchen and laundry sorted and put away. I love my sweet husband! It is so nice to come home and find some of the things on my to do list already done without me having to lift a finger. What woman doesn't like to be spoiled like that? :)

As a side note:
As I type, I am importing some music into my iTunes.

I bought this while my parents were here. And I know I will be listening to it constantly. Some of the songs I already had from different things but I was beyond excited to find that it included songs from two of my favorite older Disney Movies: Summer Magic(1963) and The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band(1968). The soundtracks for these movies are very hard to find unless it is in LP form. So obviously I am ecstatic about this. I have a feeling I will be listening to the songs A LOT. 126(ish) songs of pure Disney Magic. I can always count on Disney music and Christmas music to make me feel happy, almost giddy no matter what my mood was before. I love it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The day is here!!

The day has come for mom and dad's trip to Disney! I feel so giddy and excited, you would think I was the person who was going for the first time. :)
Their plane comes in late tonight, around 10:45pm. So once I get off work tonight, I will go check us into the hotel and make a wal-mart run for mom so that when she gets here she can just relax and enjoy it. Trevor and I bought cast member lanyards with character pendents for each of the little guys. Winnie picked Lady and the Tramp for her character, Josh picked Goofy, D'Lynn wanted Chip and Dale and Caleb picked Donald. All of the little guys except for Winnie will be getting Disney Dollars as belated/early birthday presents since they have birthdays while Trevor and I are working at Disney.
I am SO excited that I only got a few hours of sleep. And I am cleaning and running around in a frenzy trying to get everything done. Sounds pretty ridiculous, huh?
I am looking forward to having several days off and getting to really enjoy Disney as a guest. I was able to get Friday - Monday off. Trevor is supposed to have Friday, Sunday, and Monday off. I am not sure which parks we will be going to each day, I think we are just going to wing it. But, fortunately, we have learned the ins and outs of getting the most out of our time in the parks.
Well, I guess I will go find something to do before I go into work at 11. Hopefully time will fly quickly today at Hollywood Studios so that they will all be here before I know it!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Vacation

Ok, so it really isn't much of a vacation for me... BUT my parents and the lil guys will be coming to Disney World October 16-21(next week!).
I am beyond excited about this for many reasons. The main one being that I miss my family terribly and I can not wait for them to be here and get to see and experience some of the things I experience here everyday. It has been many, many years since my parents came to Disney World(early 1990's) so my younger brothers and sisters haven't gotten to come. That is probably one of the most exciting things in my opinion - getting to be here for their first views of the parks and helping create some of that magic for them. All 8 of us(me, trevor, mom, poppa, winnie, josh, d'lynn and caleb) will all be staying at the All-Star Music Resort. We opted for one of the value resorts because with my discount it was $100-$200 less per night than the other places which can accomodate a group of our size. During October they are also doing a special for cast members with the Disney Dining Plan. For adults it is $20.99 per night and somewhat cheaper for children(which Caleb only made by a year). This includes 1 table service meal, a quick service meal, and a snack per day. It's quite a steal considering you can't even eat at a table service restaurant for that price(unless, of course, you are dining on water and appetizers only). So we are VERY excited to be tasting some of the finer foods at Disney.
Here are some of the places we plan on eating:

The Hoop dee Doo Musical Revue! We have category one seats which means we should have a really good view of the stage. I am really excited about this one. :)

Teppan Edo of Japan in Epcot. Trevor and I ate here on our honeymoon. Obviously it was good enough for us to want to go back. ;)

The Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. Mom and I talked it over and thought it would be fun to do character dining and this is what we ended up choosing. I am even more excited about the fact that I know several people who are "friends with characters" at the Crystal Palace! Which means that I might get pictures with characters that I actually know which is always a fun experience.

We have one more dining reservation but I don't think we have decided what to do with that one yet. We shall see.

Work today but long (10.5 hours) but it went by farely quickly and that always makes work 100% better. Extra magic hours were tonight and I didn't get off until midnight. It is super late and I am headed to bed. Good night!