Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

- of 2010
- of straight consistent blogging
- of zero out of pocket spending

I can't believe it is Day 5 of 2010. Seriously? I am still having trouble comprehending where 2009 went to and I am steadily progressing into another year. Not so sure about this. But then again, keep on trucking because in 28 days I will be going on a visit to my Happy Place/Home(Disney World)! The transmission went out on the car T has been using(his parents "extra" car), so we are down to one car again for a little while and both trying to keep our hours at work. T says we will be going to Disney even if we have to eat sandwiches for weeks. I love this man! ;o)

My Eat from the Pantry Challenge is going well so far. We actually started it mid-week last week, so we are about a week deep into it. I have had migraines the last few days so NOTHING has sounded good. I have been eating but nothing seems to be appetizing. Tonight I cooked Chicken Rice Casserole(recipe coming later in the week) and finally something hit the spot and tasted yummy. :)

I have never been consistent about blogging but I have blogged for 5 days straight! I really enjoy reading blogs and commenting on others but find myself thinking that nobody wants to read what I have to write. Well, I have come to realize that it doesn't matter if anyone wants to read what I have to write, I still need to keep my digital journal/scrapbook up. ;o) Not going to lie, those little comments at the end of blogs make my day complete but I know getting several comments on each post isn't realistic for me and I want to make sure that I continue writing for the right reasons. So I am giving it a full fledged effort.
Notice that the Christmas blog decor is gone? I resigned it this evening while I was on the phone with my dear friend Brooke. Not too bad for about 30 minutes of work, if I do say so myself.

T and I have spent no money out of pocket/unbudgeted in 2010. Let me explain. The only thing that are budgeted for us this month are rent, water, electricity, cable/internet(last big bill whoo!), health insurance, life insurance, $100 for groceries, and gas. We are trying to keep our spending on extras to a bare minimum. This is a challenge but I know that it will be rewarding, if for no other reason than not having to cancel our Disney trip because of the aforementioned car issue.


Miranda Tucci said...

DISNEY?! Aww I hope you have a GREAT time! My husband and I live in Jacksonville, and we took our little one there this past fall - it was SO much fun! We'd really like to go back :)

I'm glad you're doing so well on your goals! I'm trying really hard to keep mine up too. I am such a PLANNER and I get kinda discouraged when my plan doesn't work out - but everyday is different so I have to adjust.. ha ha

Hope you have a great day!

JG said...

Like the new layout! Very cute!

I admit, I am a comment whore. Some days, I'll blog about absolutely NOTHING, just to try and get a comment or two. :)

Carrie said...

Your new blog design is super cute! And way to go on not spending much money! I need to set that goal for myself :)

Ashley said...

Love the new look!

I need to do better about commenting, because they cheer me up too. But I'm always reading!

Shoshanah said...

Its funny to look back on my posts from when I started my blog and see how no one was reading and no one was comment. And once people started commenting and I got used to it, whenever a post didn't get an "average" number of comments I freaked out a little inside. I'm slowly starting to realize that some of the post I want to write the most are some of the least commented ones. But since it's my blog and it's what I want to write about, well isn't that what really matters?