Monday, March 30, 2009

My Lil Monkey

Mostly a picture post. I have been talking about "Monkey" for so long, I thought I might share a few pictures. Her pull name is Josephine Rebecca. But honestly, that name is just too big for a little girl. Everyone else calls her Josie, but, being as I am and always having to be different/difficult, I call her Monkey or Josie Beck. She's my little sweetheart!

Snuggling with Pooh on a restroom stop on our move back from Orlando.

Playing with our dog, Lady.

Josie and her "Unca Tweva".

Friday, March 20, 2009

Disney Withdrawals...

I am missing Disney terribly! I miss all of the wonderful people that I met there. I miss late night talks with Amanda C or Amanda W. I miss having half of the Sunset CP's over for movie nights. I miss us having a home of our own(which is a different subject entirely). I miss going window shopping with Brooke. I miss driving around with Brooke wandering all over Orlando and going shopping at craft stores. I miss eating at Don Pablos with Chelsea. I miss talking about the differences between Chinese culture and American culture with Valerie and YoYo. I miss Bridget making us laugh in the kitchen. I miss Daniela and our long sarcastic conversations. I could go on and on...
I miss playing in the parks anytime that I wanted for free. I miss knowing the best times when there woudl be very few guests and we could go straight onto rides. I miss going with my friends to the parks and taking an unbelievable amount of pictures. I miss exploring through the resorts and enjoying their amenities(especially the swimming pools). I miss everything being happy, decorated, and themed. I miss going mini-golfing with my husband. I miss it all... I want to go back so badly.
I know there are people who love to vacation at Disney. And I can completely understand their love of Disney. But I feel like we have experienced something that very few have. Trevor and I were able to enjoy a 7 month extended honeymoon to Disney. It was a lot of work but it was GREAT! Most people just visit Disney World... but we had the pleasure of living, working and playing there. We got to see things very few get to see and experience things that very few people get to experience. It was an amazing experience. I am ready to go back, not on a perminant basis but hopefully as a seasonal worker so that we can keep our Maingate Passes and our discounts.

On a closing note, as another CP(Katie El-Bakri) stated:
for the good times, the memories, the tears and the laughs.
I will never be able to hear Disney, or see Mickey Mouse, without thinking of ya'll... You are a huge part of what made my experience so incredible.
You taught me so many life lessons, and I learned that no matter where we are from or what we have experienced in life, what language(s) we speak or how old we are we can still become a family!! No one will ever be able to compare to the relationship that we all shared...
I will forever remember the first time I had to work until 5 in the morning... I learned that Extra Magic Hours didn't seem that magical to us, but I watched you guys make guests happy, watched people glow!"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thankful for the rain

I can breath again. And the rain is washing the echo for me. =) It was looking more green than gold the last few days. All of the pollen in the air had really aggravated my allergies. But I woke up this morning(after getting to sleep in to a whopping 9am), and walked outside just to breath in the rain.
My spring break officially started at 1:30 on Wednesday. I worked most of the day yesterday and today I had to work several hours at the Trade Mart for the Jackson Garden and Patio show. I am looking forward to relaxing a good bit in the next week, but I also have a long list on my To-Do list.
We were planning on moving to Honey and BJ's house this weekend but the rain has changed those plans. We were also planning on going camping at Tishamingo State Park for the later part of the week. So the new plans(subject to change) are to spend the weekend packing, camp Monday-Wednesday night at Roosevelt, and move in the latter part of the week. We decided to camp at Roosevelt because it is not far away and we can come back to work at the baseball games on Tuesday and Wednesday night. We can still get a little bit of camping in, work the 2 games at Trustmark Park, and still get moved. Also, Common Ground(the middle school choir at Pinelake) is on their choir tour this week and their homecoming concert is Sunday afternoon. It is always a blessing to watch those middle schoolers share all that they experienced during the week and to worship with them. Makes me miss being a part of it all. :)
All in all, I want to have a relaxing but productive spring break week.
Thankfully, I only have one assignment due when I come back to school. And I am beyond pleased with my mid-term grades.
Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!

P.S. Val, hurry up and move to Pearl! Seriously...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Girl time

I only have time for quick post before heading to Clinton for some much needed "Girl Time". I love my husband and I am very glad that he is my best friend, but just like he wants AND needs time with his guy friends, I want AND need time with my girls. :)

I went to Mom and Poppa's house last night for some absolutely delicious chicken and dumplings. I was hoping to see Heather since she broke her nose yesterday and everyone got to see it except for me. But she decided to take it easy and go to bed early, which is very understandable. I got to see pictures on her blog today and it is quite lovely!

School this morning went well and I got back my mid-term grade for my Drafting class - 96.7 WOOHOO! I worked for 5 hours this afternoon and, surprisingly, it flew by. I am not working tomorrow because as soon as Trevor gets out of his one class in the morning we are heading to watch the lil guys while mom takes Joshua to see my favorite doctor. Well, I don't think he will actually get to see Dr. Veda(my neurologist at UMC) the first time around, but Josh is going to his office. Hopefully they can find a solution for Joshua's migraines. I know Dr. Veda helped me out tremendously!

Saturday, Trevor and I are doing the "SHINE" project with Pinelake and several other churches in the Jackson Metro area. I am so excited to serve! Saturday night I am going to see the Beauty and the Beast ballet with ALL of my sisters and my mom. I can't wait! It has been so long since all of the girls went and did something together. I am guessing the boys and dad(and maybe Trevor) will have a Guy's Night/Daddy Date.

Sunday is our one year anniversary! What an amazing year it has been =) It has gone by so quickly but it has been a year full of blessings and memories. I am excited about having a day long date with my sweetheart.

That is all for now. Have a lovely Thursday evening!!