Friday, December 28, 2007


I have been thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to be lazy before heading back to school. I am hoping and praying that this mini-session doesn't end up kicking me in the butt.
Mom and Poppa left tonight for their anniversary trip, so the little guys are all under our care(always a scary situation).
There's a lot on my to-do list for the next couple of days.
I guess it will be forcing my laziness away. I'm just not ready to get back into the swing of things and get up the lazy part of my break. :(

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Enjoying the silence

It's Christmas day.
And yes, I am hiding in my room, typing away on my laptop.
I woke up this morning and cooked Crawfish Etouffee for my family. I love making it and I look forward to it every Christmas. This year has flown by so quickly. It seems unreal that it is already a new year, a year in which I will get married and start a new part of my life. I'm excited but I don't want time to pass too quickly.
As always we opened presents last night, Christmas Eve. Mom and Poppa gave me money to shop for clothes, particularly a jacket and a few pairs of earrings. And, of course, I got the wonderful(sometimes random) presents from the little guys. Those are always my favorites!
Winnie, Trevor and I are going shopping tomorrow. It will be the first time in years that I have bothered shopping the day after Christmas. I usually don't feel like dealing with the crowds but I am looking forward to it this year, strangely enough.
Mom and Poppa gave "Team Clegg" a Wii for Christmas so the entire family has been taking turns playing(which explains why I am hiding in my haven and enjoying some peace and quiet.

I also have to call a real estate agent tomorrow about a house that Trevor and I might buy. I am really hoping that this works out because we desperately need to find a house closer to USM. Once I move in with him after our wedding in March, I will have to commute 45 minutes every day to school and work. We are praying for a solution that will show itself soon.
I found a precious house that had been foreclosed on. It is close to the school, in a decent neighborhood and a great price. 3 bedrooms!! Hopefully it is still available and I can make an appointment to see it on Thursday.

Trevor and I are making a list of places to go. Here are some of the things that are on our list for the next year or so.
- Bellingrath Gardens in the springtime.
- Disney World - HONEYMOON!!
- Bucks County, Pennsylvania*
- Bel Air, Maryland *
- Biltmore Estate - We both went when we were younger and want to go back. :)
That's all for now but goodness knows I'm sure the list will grow with little trips every now and then.

*These two places are to visit Historical Preservation Certificate programs. These schools are the only 2 places in the country where I can get my HPC, so Trevor and I will end up living in either PA or MD for 2 years.

I know it is not likely that anyone is reading this. But I would MUCH rather type than write a journal out by hand. So even if I am just talking to myself, I shall keep on typing. :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I'm in Destin with Trevor and his parents. I'm enjoying every minute with him. Josie has gotten so big and she is honestly one of the most precious babies I have ever been around. And in March she will be my niece :)

I was reading the xanga of an acquaintance and was completely struck with awe, horrow, and fear as it made me think. The sweet girl lost her love, unexplained and unexpected. As I was reading, I couldn't help feeling like an intruder into her thoughts but I couldn't stop reading. I couldn't tear my eyes away. I couldn't help but think about me and Trevor. How completely heartbroken, angry and unwilling to live if that happens to me, or rather when that happens to me... I was stuck in that train of thought for a long time when it suddenly hit me: I shouldn't be so worried or upset thinking and contemplating the future, the what-ifs and the buts.

I'm noticing the small things now. The precious Trevor-isms. I love him. No doubt in my mind or anyone else's for that matter. :) I've found myself savoring every moment that I have with him... I'm just praying that whenever I stop appreciating and start taking for granted that I God will remind me of this moment and these thoughts. Let me cherish each moment and PLEASE prepare me, whatever may come, whenever it may come.

I love you, Trevor Race Allen Spence.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I absolutely adore Christmas. For many, many reasons. Some which are general, others which are more personal and feel slightly deeper.
Ila's birthday was great. I'm going to miss her so much next semester!
Bellingrath was beautiful as always and I believe I am more in love with Trevor than ever before. He was amazingly sweet and adorable the whole evening, keeping me smiling. Ashley "Squared" Long met us after dark to take in the lights. I enjoyed going back through the house, again. I can never get enough of it :) This year was different from last year. We got there early enough to be able to look around in the day light and wander down the paths and to the river which are blocked off once light falls. We got many wonderful pictures of Trevor and myself as well as with Ila, thanks to her photography loving mother(even if some of them do look like senior portraits). Overall, Christmas vacation has been wonderful so far!
Trevor and I get to go on a Wal-mart date tonight to go grocery shopping for mom. Thursday, we will be opening presents to and from Heather and BJ. They will be leaving Friday for Indiana, so we'll open some presents early. Rae and I are contemplating whether or not the "big family christmas present" will be revealed. It's the first year that us "big girls" are being left out of the big present and apparently this one is supposed to beat all others. Hopefully we'll find out Thursday. This suspense has been killing me for a month. =)
Trevor and I will be leaving for Destin on Friday and we plan on coming back sometime Sunday afternoon/evening.

Breaks from school are wonderful. Unfortunately, they pass entirely too quickly.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

82 Days!

Only 82 days left to plan our wedding. Maybe I am insane thinking I can pull this together so quickly... All I know is that I am incredibly happy and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life as the wife of Trevor Race Allen Spence. He is so incredibly amazing, wonderful and adorable.

Thankfully, this semester is over. It was honestly one of the hardest semesters of my life. I'm praying next semester will be easier, and I have a feeling that it will be easier. The courses that I am taking aren't supposed to be too bad. My job will help me rather than hinder me. And NO basketball. I have no regrets about working with basketball but I also have no regrets about ending it.

Some may consider my crazy for passing up a chance to go to Cancun for free. But it wouldn't have been a pleasure trip. I would have had to work the whole time I was there, put up with all the crap down there and that wouldn't have been the end. After putting everything away and doing all of the laundry, I would have had a Christmas break only lasting a few days to come back and work an extra month. All in all, not worth it to me.

Instead, I'll fill my time with wedding planning, hanging out with some of the best of friends and my family, and going on mini roadtrips. =) I'm excited about the prospects.

I haven't seen Trevor for days, and I miss him incredibly. He's working for his uncle. I'm glad he has the opportunity to work but I hate having to go without talking to him and seeing him. I know I'm spoiled but I can't help that I love him so much. ;)

Well, I'm off to go work out and then finish packing my stuff to go to Ime's house. She is having her birthday party Monday night and then Tuesday we are going to one of the most wonderful places in the world, Bellingrath Gardens. I love it there and it captures the very essence of what I love about Christmas. I absolutely can't wait!