Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Answered Prayers/Haiti Update

"We mourn but our songs are of praise."

Remember my post on Haiti? I never thought I would ever have need, reason or opportunity to say this but...
I (indirectly) received a message from God while watching Oprah today. I don't normally watch Oprah. Wednesdays are my only weekday off of work and since I wasn't feeling well, I decided to rest when I got home from school this afternoon. I saw on my friend Akilah's twitter that they would be talking about Haiti on Oprah today so I decided to tune in. Remember: our TV channels are limited since we cut off our cable. :)

Oprah's first guest was Wyclef. I know very little of him other than the fact that he is a musician and he is from Haiti. The message that I feel was from God? Wyclef said that at night, when he and his wife were going to sleep, you could hear hundreds of voices raised and singing songs of praise even in their darkest hour. I literally started crying.  Wyclef specifically mentioned Amazing Grace being sung over and over again. This gave me chills. Amazing Grace is my friend Bernela's favorite hymn.

God is so incredibly good and always faithful. The people of Haiti have been, and will be, continuously on my heart. I just feel like this was His confirmation to my prayer, and statement on my blog, that though they are mourning, their songs are of praise. I needed to hear this.

I am also posting this as my Words of Wisdom Wednesday link-up. I believe we all sometimes take for granted all that we have and how blessed we truly are. However, I know that are many hard times and trials in life and I hope and pray that in these times we remember what Bernela told me. 
"We mourn but our songs are of praise." 

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JG said...

I think that's a beautiful quote, and should be the mindset of all Believers. That's something that should be on a sampler on a wall somewhere.