Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spring Class Schedule

I thought that I had posted this yesterday but it was floating in draft status.

Monday/Wednesday 8-10:55 Architectural Design 2
Monday/Wednesday 12-2 Structural Design
Tuesday/Thursday 8-10:15 Elementary Surveying
And a hybrid, work at my own pace class - AutoCAD Seminar for Revit.

This load sounds SO much better than my class load last semester. You know, where I was in class from 8-3 Monday through Thursday and Friday from 8-12. Hello new semester where I am out by 2pm on Monday/Wednesday, 10:15am Tuesday/Thursday and the beauty of class free Fridays. :)

And for the record, Trevor dug out his long johns from junior high(his old hunting digs) so that I don't freeze to death every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Mississippi is having some beyond unusual weather and Elementary Surveying is an OUTSIDE class. Help!


Ashley said...

This might be a dumb question, but where are you in school?

JG said...

An OUTSIDE class? I'm sorry! Hopefully it thaws out soon!