Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Time for Flitterin'

"It's time for flitterin'
Dusting off the trunk and flitterin' far
Where the grass is greener
Now and then, comes the time again, for flitterin"
- Summer Magic -
Those are lyrics to a song in one of my favorite Disney movies. If you feel so inclined, you can watch the video of it below. ;o)
It's that time! I feel like I have been waiting for ever. Unfortunately, I have been wishing away the last few weeks... Now I am begging time to stand still slow down. Depending on time and internet access I might update my blog. But to see along with photos and tag along on a twitter tour of my favorite place, follow me on twitter. :)

Currently, our bags are about 90% packed. The babies are already at Heather and BJ's house. T is sleeping. Poor guy got off work at 8am this morning and had to hang out at the school all day while I was in class (the joys of still only having one car). So he didn't get to go to sleep until this afternoon. Translation, he had been up for over 24 hours. Not good when you have a 12 hour drive ahead. 

I just pulled some delicious smelling cinnamon swirl bread out of the oven and I am currently watching the Bachelor. ***side rant: Please, please, please send Vienna home. She is so possessive and obnoxious. Also, does anyone else think this season is speeding by faster than normal?*** I need to shower and cook fajitas for dinner. We will be leaving here at 10pm to go pick up my MIL, Sarah, and my niece, Monkey Josie.

Here we GOOOOOO!


Ashley @ The Happily Ever Afters of the Lancasters said...

I love Summer Magic...and I have to admit, I'm jealous you're leaving! :(

JG said...

I *love* that movie! :)

Have a great trip!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

First of all have a great trip! 2nd...yes this season of the bachelor seems like it's flying by. I think it's because he's sent a ton of girls home before they normally would.

Steven & Amanda said...

Have fun!

Summer Magic is one of my mom's favorite movies! I love it :)

Strawberry Blogs Forever said...

I love that movie! I'm trying to find a website with the lyrics to all of the songs, but I can only find Ugly Bug Ball, Femininity, and On the Front Porch. Do you know where I might be able to find them? You can email me at