Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fails

I decided to participate in Friday Fails this week over at Myra's blog, My Blessed Life.
When I woke up this morning I knew exactly what I was going to post about. Let's call it The Ultimate Magically Clearing Your Camera's Memory Card Fail. Yep. I did it!
Last Saturday night we were at Magic Kingdom. I decided to record part of Wishes, the nighttime fireworks at Magic Kingdom, so that I could post a short video on my blog. About 5 minutes into the video I ran out of memory. Being the genius that I am, I had already uploaded the pictures from our previous days onto my computer but I didn't erase them from my memory card. I selected the dates I wanted to delete then tried to find out how much memory I now had left. My heart about gave out when I saw that it "memory card cleared"  and that 0mb was taken. Excuse me? Somehow, I managed to completely clear my memory card. :'( Thankfully the other pictures were already uploaded to my laptop but we had taken A LOT of pictures at MK. Not going to lie, I had sat there for 5 minutes trying not to move or breathe incorrectly while videoing Wishes.
Thanks to Recuva, my pictures (and video) were saved. Nothing was lost and it was FREE! Can't beat that.

Another notable fail? I woke up to beautiful snow on the ground, 3inches or so and still falling. I wanted something warm and delicious for breakfast and T requested pancakes. Started making the pancakes only to find that I had NO eggs. I bought milk when I went on my couponing run to Kroger Tuesday but I didn't buy eggs. Oops. Poor T settled for cereal. Horrible Wife Award belongs to me. ;)


JG said...

Oh my gosh...that's nightmare-ish! I have a routine for clearing my card (which is 16g, so I hardly ever do, just to be safe!).

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I would have panicked if I would have thought I erased my memory card! I'm glad you were able to recover the pictures.

Shoshanah said...

I would have freaked out if I accidentally deleted all my pictures. But thankfully you were able to recover them!

Myra said...

I think I would have had a panic attack if I cleared my card! That's SO scary!

And your husband is a champ, I'm sure! I've had many wifely fails in the kitchen and my hubs is so understanding! :)

Thanks for linking to Friday Fails!