Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 1 - Downtown Disney

As soon as we got to Orlando, we headed to Downtown Disney. Am I the only one that, as soon as you pass under the Disney World "gates" onto Disney property, I just feel the rush of the magic and get all giddy?
Our first stop was the bathroom and then we got Josie a salad and fries from McDonald's. By the way, McDonald's at Downtown Disney is closing. A Latin chicken chain is replacing it now that Disney's contract with McDonald's is up.

We were going to find something for us adults to eat but got slightly distracted by the Princess Parade going on at World of Disney.

After the girls are covered in Pixie Dust, lined up and taught the proper Princess way to wave, they head down to the carousel for a ride.
While Josie and my MIL, Sarah, were on the carousel, Trevor noticed a squirrel that was sitting right by his feet. The squirrel started scratching at T's pants leg. The result?

I love squirrels. My family had a pet squirrel when we lived in Texas and then tried to help several other sick baby squirrels when we lived in Alabama. This is one of the friendliest squirrels I have ever seen. He would clap his hands for more french fries and T dangled one over his head and he turned around, almost looking like he was dancing for the french fries. So cute! By the time the carousel ride was over, several people were gathered around watching. Right before we walked away, I put my hand on the ground next to the squirrel and he crawled up into my hand and was sitting there until a little boy ran up and scared him away.

 We decided to eat at Earl of Sandwich. We had never eaten there before. The bread was delicious. I tried the Hawaiian Barbecue Sandwich. It was different, but good. After we ate, we walked to Pin Traders to get Josie her first set of pins.
One of the fountains at Downtown Disney.
When we left Downtown Disney, we went to our resort. While my MIL was checking us in, T, Josie and I went outside to check out the 3 pools. Josie was highly fascinated with the kid's fountain pool.

We went up to our suite, T took Josie swimming and Mrs. Sarah and I went grocery shopping. We called it a night rather early because we were all exhausted from the drive. We all slept very well that night. :)


JG said...

Where did you stay?

Miranda Tucci said...

Earl of Sandwich is my FAVORITE! My husband and I were there this past fall and we ate there 3 times! We were only there for a weekend! ha! I loved Downtown Disney.. The HUUUUGE disney store was so much fun!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Looks like it was a great first day. I can't believe McDonalds will no longer be inside Disney!

Heather said...

I love the squirrel pictures and story!!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Which resort is that? I don't recognize it from the photo.

So cute on her first set of pins! :)

Shoshanah said...

It's not just you, once I enter the palm tree line drive for Disneyland I definitely start getting giddy and excited right then!