Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Still My Heart - Fantasyland Expansion Update

Oh. My. Word.

Go to this blog NOW!
As an Architectural Drafting and Design Major, a Disney fanatic, and a previous Cast Member, the post that Disney Shawn did on the WDW Fantasyland Expansion absolutely captured my heart. I saw the initial video, the "leaked" photos of concept art and the table top model. But this concept art and his descriptions are simply breathtaking.
That is all. Seriously. I wasn't lying. Go now!


JG said...

Ahh! Super-exciting! They had started talking about the princess addition back when we were there, but it's so exciting to see new details. :)

Shoshanah said...

I had no idea they were doing this, and it sounds amazing. I think I'm most excited for The Little Mermaid ride. On the dvd, though showed the ride they designed back in the early 90s that never got built, and it was awesome watching it on a dvd. But I'm sure being on the ride in person will be even better!