Friday, November 6, 2009

Sisters, Sisters!

School this morning was rather productive. We are plunging headlong into working with AutoCAD's Inventor program. Since the class is Machine Drafting, today we created individual parts and then assembled them to make a machine. All on the computer. It was so cool watching it all piece together. Yes, I am that big of a nerd. And I embrace it wholly! ;)

Tonight, all 5 of us Clegg girls got to hang out. It happens so rarely these days. I honestly think the last time we all 5 were together for girl time was when the Hannah Montana 3d Concert came out in theaters. Terrible, I know.
We went to Mistletoe Marketplace(Hundreds of merchants from MS and several surrounding states with booths of Christmas decor, clothes, and gift ideas). We browsed through the entire building, sampling food, checking out Christmas decor ideas but we skipped over most of the clothing type booths. We were all working on a limited budget so we didn't stay for too long. It was fun nonetheless. And I plan to go back again. Hopefully when I have a little bit of money to spend, more time to enjoy it and less of a crowd.

We got one of the ladies working to take a picture of all of us together. This picture is much better quality than the next one, but Winnie's eyes are closed. Way to go, Win-Celine! ;)

Me and my 4 sisters - Heather, D'Lynn, Winnie and Rachel.

After Mistletoe Marketplace, we went to Keifer's for some delicious Greek food. We went a little picture happy while waiting for our food.

Heather (affectionately known as Honey) and Rachel (affectionately known as Rae). Apparently I wasn't very good at pronouncing my sister's names when I was little. That is what I called them when I first started talking and they have been that since. =)

Me and Honey - she loves me so much she was practically leaping across the table to take a picture with me. ;o)

The "lil" girls. Ok, so they aren't so little anymore. But considering there is an 8 year gap between myself and Winnie, they will always be the Lil Guys(what I call my 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters) to me.

Honey, Win-Celine(Winnie Celine but I pronounce Win-Celynn rather than Celean) and Rae

Winnie told us she won't be taking any more pictures until she has her braces off. We'll see about that.

D'Lynn Grace (named after my Momma, Debra Lynn) is my mini-me. She's so much like me that it is slightly scary, except for the fact that she is adorably precious where I am a sarcastic mess.

I thought Winnie was my own personal babydoll when she was born. It almost took away the serious pain, disappointment and hurt [;)] that I was no longer the baby of the family.

D'Lynn, Winnie and myself.

I adore my family, absolutely adore. But there is a special, unforgettable and unmatchable bond between sisters. Clegg Clones, I love you!

p.s. You can see the final product of Winnie and D'Lynn's haircuts. Isn't D'Lynn's hair absolutely fabulous? I wish my hair had that much body and natural curl/wave. She looks so much older. I don't know that Maxi-me can handle Mini-me looking older... this might develop into a full blown crisis. ;o)


Heather said...

Good times and good pictures!

Love you!

Shoshanah said...

I've always wanted to have a sister, and I'm a least a little jealous that you have 4!

JG said...

What a fun day! You have some gorgeous sisters. I love big families :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! I didn't realize you had such a big family!