Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Happened... Again(My 99th post)

I didn't get to post last night on my night off because T was using the computer to get some work done for his online class. Yes, I failed again.

Tuesday night I got off work and went to the hospital to see my brother Josh(13). He is having an EEG done to try and figure out what is causing his migraines. The tests are supposed to last 24-72 hours. Hopefully they will be able to figure something out and give him relief. He is so young and has already had migraines for a couple of years.

Let me just say, that God is SO good. Yesterday, God provided us with a second car to use until T's car can (finally) be fixed AND a full-time job for T. T's car has been out of commission for so long. It broke down before we went to Disney (2 years in April-May). We saved up money while we were there, put almost $1500.oo into it, and had it running for all of TWO days before it blew another head gasket and the radiator cracked. Beautiful, right?

Since we were both working at the same place and going to school, it was fine for us to have only one car. Less money spent on insurance, gas, etc. But

1) I am now working in the completely opposite direction

2) since it is now "off-season", the cafe where T works isn't open many days meaning his hours are cut even more

3) T will be leaving sometime in the spring for the army - no date yet.

4) He will not be taking classes in the spring (obviously) so he needs something full-time until he leaves

5) I will still have to get to school (a 30-40 minute commute) next semester

T starts work today! They will be working around him finishing the semester out AND they hired him knowing he would be leaving eventually. With the extra income, we can now justify having 2 cars. His parents are letting him use one of their cars until he can get his fixed. The plan is to fix his car, he'll drive it to work and I'll have our car for school and work, and then when he leaves for basic training we'll put his car up for sale.

Unfortunately, his schedule is a little crazy right now. He works tonight 11pm-7am, Friday 5pm-5am, and Saturday 7pm-7am. Nuts, I know, but God has provided and I have ZERO right to complain. :o) Also, I work tonight 4-11 and Saturday 9am-5pm. So we won't be seeing each other much but we are still squeezing in a date tomorrow afternoon. I was supposed to work tomorrow night but one of the girls only got scheduled for 1 day this week, so I gave her my Friday shift. I got more hours than I was expecting, so I didn't mind sharing some of my hours.

Last night after choir, I went to Wal-mart to pick a couple of things up. I came outside and my driver's side door was standing wide open. I could tell someone had gone through it. My backpack was open and things were moved around, but NOTHING was missing. I was kind of scared to get into the car though. Ha.

Since this is my 99th post, I will try posting my giveaway tomorrow and answer any questions if you feel so inclined to ask any. ;)


JG said...

I hope you checked the car before you got in. That is scary! So has T not signed his contract yet?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad nothing was missing from your car!!! That's so great that you guys have been blessed in everything that you need right now!