Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Traditions

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When we lived in Texas and Alabama when I was younger, we usually traveled for the major holidays. Now that we live in Mississippi, we are closer to our family(those here in MS and in Louisiana).

Generally we would spend Thanksgiving with my mother's side of the family and do our Christmas gift exchange then. Unfortunately, my mom's side of the family doesn't really get together for the holidays anymore.
My MaMa(grandmother) and Nanny(great-grandmother) always gave us the same thing, every year in addition to our presents. I won't mention what it is here because, since both MaMa and Nanny have been gone for several years, I have decided to carry on this tradition with my younger siblings. It wasn't anything big, just a little treat. We would get 2, one from each of them. So this year, if I can find these treats, my siblings will each receive 2. :)

We would usually stay home for Christmas. I remember a few years of doing the traditional Christmas morning opening of presents but most of my memories are different, my families non-traditional traditions. :o) We ALWAYS have Poppa's pizza on Christmas Eve. My dad takes orders from everyone and makes homemade pizzas. We each get our own personalized half of a pizza(translation: leftovers for most of us. Yum!). We usually open our presents after pizza. With 7 kids in the family there is a lot of chaos but we try to go in "rounds" and take turns opening presents. Many years the timing was worked around Christmas Eve services at church. I love candle light Christmas Eve services.

Christmas day was spent as a family. We have a time of praise and worship, and read the story of our Savior's birth. My parents decided when I was 5 or 6 to open presents before Christmas day actually hit so that, on Christmas day, we would focus on the true reason for the holiday and spend time simply enjoying our family.

A day or so after Christmas, we used to head to one of my favorite places, Ponchatoula. If you've read this blog for a little while you know of my absolute love of this small town. I adore it.
Since my Granddaddy's death, things have changed some. These days, Grandmommy is the one who does most of the traveling. She takes turns going to visit her children/grandchildren, as well as her siblings.

T knows that I love anything and everything Christmas. Last year was the first year that we didn't go to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL at Christmastime. It wasn't too disappointing since we were at Disney World at the time. I love going to Bellingrath to see all the Christmas lights, walk the gardens and tour the home.
T and I don't have too many Christmas traditions of our own yet. I am sure this will develop over time. :)

I love Christmas movies. Check out my previous post on Christmas movies. Strangely enough, half of the people who arrive on my blog through Google arrive on that post. I have been watching them for weeks now, though there are some that I watch year round. My DVR will most likely go nuts this year. I like Hallmark Christmas movies and especially like ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas.

I also love Christmas music. My ipod has been playing Christmas music consistently since mid-October. It is the only thing I listen to while I am working at my computer at school.

We might not have as many traditions, special moments, or big things happening in our family at Christmas. But I love it none the less. It might seem simple to some, but it is precious to me. =)

Let me know if you dropped in. I love finding new blogs. ;)


JG said...

Glad I'm not the only one who started Christmas music in the middle of October! I was ready. So many people this year have started Christmas early. I think the country, if not the world, is just ready for some cheer, Christmas or otherwise.

The Carter's said...

Love the post on Christmas movies!! I need to make a list of them. I love to watch Christmas movies, but always forget some of the good ones.

Cute blog! :)

RosyRose said...

I love the idea of worshiping before opening gifts!
Love your blog name:)!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

what a cute blog! I love it!

Heather Grace said...

I love reading about other people's Christmas traditions. And I started listening to Christmas music the first week in October. It snowed in Colorado, and this little Mississippian felt the need to put on the carols. It just felt necessary :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love it when people talk about all their family traditions throughout the season!