Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear blogland, I must confess...

Confession #1

We have lived in our apartment right at a month. And even though the fitness center is right across the parking lot, I did not make use of this dear amenity until Tuesday. I have since had 2 behind-kicking workout sessions. And it feels great. =o)

Obviously I am not the only slacker in the complex. Mind you, I can see the fitness center from my back porch. And it is rarely ever used. While I like having working out buddies, I do not like working out with people I do not know. It freaks me out. And makes me feel so uncomfortable to the point that I want to run... out of the building. Don't ask me why. Because I won't be able to give an answer. Am I the only one that feels that way? I like having a work out buddy to keep me motivated and will encourage me along the way. But there is nothing encouraging about Mr. Body Builder who ran for an hour straight without breaking a sweat.

So I am not going to advertise to the other people in the complex the beauty of the fitness center. I am going to be selfish and keep it to myself. ;o)

Confession #2

I have been enjoying not having work or school this week. Perhaps too much. The thought of getting up to drop Trevor off at work tomorrow morning and going to my cleaning job. Is it too much to ask to just be lazy the rest of my life?? Just kidding. Rather, I would rather just be a home body and only have to leave when I want to leave. But I think I will save that for a time when I have my dream home, not this apartment... oh well. Maybe one day, I can be a somewhat lazy, home body. haha

Confession #3

It absolutely bothers my curious side to know that people read my blog and don't comment. Quit lurking and make yourself known! :o) Please comment when you read. I will be glad to return the favor and read your blog and comment back.

Confession #4

I don't like water. Period. I'd much rather just have my Powerade slush from Sonic(ugh, evil happy hour). I have tried the whole Crystal Light thing. It works for me for a while but then I just get tired of it. Any advice/suggestions? I really have cute back on drinking soda. And I love lemonade but don't like drinking it constantly. I'm begging you. Well, not fully, but asking in a furtive manner. :o) What is the point of working out if I am not going to drink the amount of water that my body needs?

I think I will stop confessing for now. Honestly, though... if you read, please feel free to comment and I will return the favor. =)


Heather said...

I read... stalk....whatever...

I was looking at my comments today and saw I have not gotten one in about two months and I think that one came from you.

Steven & Amanda said...

I have a water suggestion for you!!! You have to reward yourself for everything. So don't let yourself have a soda until you finish all 8 glasses. Use post-its or something to keep track, and make the hubby keep you accountable. He controls the sodas (or the sonic happy hour!)

Oh and your sister gave me the link to your blog, so I'm not a crazy stalker :)

Brittany said...

I am def. lurker. thats me-in the shadows!
I've got a tip for you about water! juice it up! we make lemonade, or pink lemonade (just add a little cranberry juice to the lemonade) and I've got a recipe for a watermelon drink from southern living I'm going to try! I can send you my recipes if youwant. We use the 100% juice, water, and some sugar (the only bad part, but still!). Its still water! and we threw in a little vitamin C too ;)