Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quotable 4th graders

I left the church Monday morning with the children's group for camp. We took 127 kids and 41 adults. It was a lot of fun and very much exhausting. My dear friend, Katie, was a cabin co-chap with me. We had 6 4th grade girls from the Madison campus of our church. We had many laughs, mostly generated my some of the things our 4th graders said. Here follows some quotes from our lovely girls.

"I'm going to join a sorority when I go to college." - A
"What sorority?" - T
"Ole Miss!" - A
She continually insisted that "Ole Miss" was a sorority

"You're married? Oh Em Gee! You are so old! I thought you were in highschool but you're, like... old!" - A

"We eat sushi twice a week. My favorite is chicken teryaki... I like the fried rice with it but the vegetables are GROSS!" - A

Some of the girls wrote a song. This was all they came up with... and they sang it almost constantly the whole 48ish hours.
"Chrystal earrings. Chrystal earrings." - T and R
"I like tea and tea likes me" - T
"Stick to the subject, stick to the subject" - R
"Chrystal earrings, Chrystal earrings" - T and R
And they sang those few lines over and over.

Yesterday, I was laying in bed trying to recover from a watermelon allergy attack from lunch and the girls came in to get ready for games and waterfront time. It is amazing what children when say when they think no one is paying attention.
"My mom had to go buy me a one piece bathing suit just because of this camp." - A
"Oh, I only have one piece bathing suits." - R
"Well my mom says that guys only like girls who wear a bikini." - A
"Well MY MOM says that girls who wear bikinis only wear them because they don't have brains and personality to get guys to pay attention to them." - R

Last night when we were getting ready for bed:
"The reason I wiggled so much last night was cause I didn't have music to listen to." - E
"Ok. How about if we all get quiet, I will play us some classical music so we can all go to sleep?" - Me
"Classical music? Do you have Poker Face?" - R

I am sure there were many, many more but those are the ones sticking out in my mind the most right now. It was a good trip. I will leave you all with a video of Caleb on the blob at the waterfront Monday afternoon.


Valerie said...

awesome video!!! looks like he had a blast!!!

Valerie said...

Oh and I am glad you are HOME!!