Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"The Man Bathroom"

Now, let me clarify... Even though this is known as the man bathroom. It is the one I shower in. The water pressure in the master bath is not that great, so in order to get all the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair, I use the guest bathroom. But I get ready for the day in the master bathroom. A lot of the pieces in the bathroom were given to my by my Poppa(my dad). All of the things he gave me used to be in his office but his company is moving to a different building and going to cubicles (poor Poppa, I know how he loves having his own "space"). Since he wouldn't have wall and shelf space for everything, he gave all of his lighthouse and sailboat treasures to me and Trevor.

This was taken from the doorway. The picture, boat and lamp were all "inherited" from my dad.
Close up of the boat. The plaque tag says "Mayflower".

A close up of the picture on the far left wall. It says "May your sails be set to follow whereever God may lead."

This is on the wall opposite of the toilet, behind the door. I love this painting, especially the frame.

The lighthouse, picture and boat section came from Poppa.
The lighthouse picture says:
"The Lord is my light and my Salvation... The Lord is the strength of my life. The Lord will light up the night, He will turn the darkness to Light."
The chest holding the washcloth,
boat with drawer(it was holding a piece of soap on the level part above the drawer),
2 nautical hooks (seen in the mirror)
and the two bottles all came from Hobby Love (um, Hobby Lobby).
The clear bottle holds soap and I am thinking about putting lotion in the blue one.