Monday, June 29, 2009

Best diet tool... Ever!

I must say, I have barely touched any form of dessert since eating this on June 4th.

It was DELICIOUS! But ridiculously rich and sweet.

Valerie and I had so much fun making it.

My cousin, Valerie, and I used the Chocolate Pavlova recipe from Lifetime's TV show, Cook Yourself Thin.

And since making this and eating half a portion, I have only had one mini Betty Crock Warm Delights while watching the Bachelorette at Honey's and 4 bites of Milky Way Ice Cream for Father's Day. Nice dieting tool, eh? Low in calories (only 337 for a large piece!) and it drives away the desire for anything sweet! Sounds good to me. ;o)


Valerie said...

those pictures make me hungry for out sweet dessert!

Valerie said...

OUR* can you see its 3:36am! I can't type all that well...