Monday, June 8, 2009

Still exhausted... and slightly sunburnt.

I have tried going to bed earlier but I find that I just lay in bed for hours. I am soo tired but can't seem to sleep when I should be sleeping. Any suggestions?

Yesterday, after church and lunch, Lisa, Savanna and Katie all came over to the apartment. We hung out at the pool and then watched a ridiculously cheesy movie favorite of mine (The Biggest Fan) and I think it is now Katie's favorite movie. We listened to 90's music, mostly 90's pop from when we were younger. Lots of laughs. We hung out for a while before they left.

Side note: I got burnt. One spot on my leg and on my chest. Yup, guess I missed the sunscreen in a few places. :o) I was planning on laying out today but we will see how that goes. I don't like burning/tanning on top of a burn. ouch.

To Do list for today:
__ finish chapter 4 exercises for my GIS class.
__ Chapter 17 exercises and chapter problems for CAD
__ make a CVS run
__ cut out coupons from yesterday and get them organized
__ Possibly make a Brookshire's run (SO nice having it literally around the corner from home)
__ Empty some more boxes
__ Find out the code for the Fitness Center and put the place to good use
__ Find at least 30 minutes to read today
__ Grill hamburgers tonight with Hubby

That's all I can think of for now. :)

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