Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Look, New Post

I suppose it is that time again, eh?
Time to post. :)

Not a whole lot has been going on. Bear with these random ramblings
- Trevor and I are both jobless(still)
- We are both getting back into the school routine
- I LOVE Monday Bachelor nights at Honey's house
- I still don't like living with a huge snake but I am trying to get over that one
- I am slowly getting the hang of the whole coupon and saving thing
- I have been throwing away things we don't need
- I have created a HUGE "donation" stack at Trevor's parents and at my parent's storage unit. Mom has things to donate as well so we will be taking it all together
- I didn't have class today. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only have one class. Ms. West(head of my department and teacher of 2 of my 4 classes this semester) told us yesterday that we wouldn't have class because the IT people are finally ready to set up our new computers :) So no class while they are working in our classroom.
- I am watching GIDGET =) as I type
- I have been downloading more digital scrapbooking stuff while I watch my movie and enjoy my day off.
- I found a great new site for layouts and I love the one I have. It has a nice scrapbooking look to it while remaining elegant. I like.

I think that is about all for now. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of thoughts that were not covered... but I can't seem to grasp them all right now. Oh well.


Joyful said...


Praying that you and Trevor get jobs soon! I love your beautiful blog. Did you create the graphics yourself? Breath taking. Do you use PhotoShop?Would love to "steal" some of your scrapbook layouts for my website. Of course won't without permission.

Since you have done some cross stitching, you may want to visit my site at: http://www.joyfulexpressions.us
I design cross stitch patterns featuring Bible verses, well, nearly all. There is a new free design that has blessed many called "His Name is Jesus".

Thanks for the post regarding president Bush keeping us safe. So many are disparaging his presidential term. We must pray for our leadership regardless of whom is elected.

Hope to hear from you...Sandra

Heather said...

Bachelor night at Honey's house!!! Exciting!

Ashley said...

Thanks for commenting. :)
Unfortunately, I didn't create the graphics. I got them from alliebrownslayouts.blogspot.com(I think you can see the web address going up the right side of the design). Since I didn't create the scrapbook kits used to create the layouts, I don't think I have a right to release the layouts I have created.

I will be sure to check out your website and maybe get some ideas for future projects. :)


Joyful said...


I found the site with the images - what beautiful work! How wonderful that the layouts are free as well. Thanks for sharing.