Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Greetings from Pocahontas, MS home of the tacky teepee

Well, we are all moved into our bedroom at Trevor's parents house... where we will be staying for a little while. I am torn between unpacking everything and making it homey and leaving everything in boxes. I don't know how long we will be here or where we are going next, so it makes things difficult. I would hate to get everything all set up just to pack all up and leave again.

We are both registered for school with classes starting Monday. We go back to Hinds to talk to the Financial Aid office about aid for the semester. We weren't expecting to get anything since we filed our FAFSA so late but today the F.A. lady told me that if I get them marriage and tax verification papers I should be receiving my awards letter. I am assuming this means we will get money for this semester, which would be such a blessing! But I am waiting to get really excited until I see it in writing.

I have been spending a lot of time with my 2-ish niece(daughter of Trevor's eldest brother), Josie, whom I've always called Monkey. We've tried to get her to say "Ashley" but either she doesn't like it or she is struggling with it. Day before yesterday when I woke up and walked into the living room she was sitting on the couch and jumped up to say, "Moh-nin Monkey!" She has since called me Monkey. I have gotten several good pictures and am working on scrapbooking some pages which will be posted as soon as I complete them. She's precious!

I will not scare you with another to-do list. The last one was overwhelming enough. :) But I can guarantee there will be more in the future. It's the best way for me to keep things organized... and maybe by airing all the things I need to do on the World Wide Web I will feel incentive to completely follow through. I love lists in all areas of life and usually I get everything done on them. But lately I seem to just be doing enough to get by...

As I type the train is speeding by the house. Despite how loud it is Trevor is sleeping soundly. I still haven't gotten used to it coming through every hour or so.

Since we have gotten home I feel like I have done nothing but sleep constantly. I was sick before we left but just kept pushing to work and get everything done. So by the time we got home and I was finally able to slow down, my immune system and body were completely taxed and just got out on me for a while. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon.

Goodnight and sweet dreams from Indian-land!


Jeffry and Morgan said...

Hey girl! My email address is Thank you for any information you can give!! :) I'm so excited!

Heather said...

You will have to add to your list... come to Honey's house to eat dinner and watch the Bachelor!!!!