Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sentimental Saturdays

Every time I hear the word "sentimental" I think of Doris Day. Yeah, Doris again. It's the first song on the CD I recently bought so I definitely hear that song more often than any other.

What is sentimental?
sen·ti·men·tal           adj.
1.   a. Characterized or swayed by sentiment.
      b. Affectedly or extravagantly emotional.
2. Resulting from or colored by emotion rather than reason or realism.
3. Appealing to the sentiments, especially to romantic feelings: sentimental music.

Would you link up to Sentimental Saturdays if I started it as a weekly link up? Emotions are important and things that trigger happiness and contentment need to be held on to and documented. You never know when you might be having a bad day and looking back through the Sentimental Saturday post(s) may make things a little bit easier. 

Our worship pastor's last time with us was last night at Chi Alpha's homecoming concert. Jeff Askew, not only led us in worship but taught us what true worship really is. He was a pivotal part of my growing from a hurt, angry teenager. He is a dear family friend. And he married me to my best friend. I love Jeff and his family and will miss them so much but I know God has great things in store for them in Virginia. 
I will be honest, our church does not seem to know where it will be going worship wise and I am trusting that if it changes that God will help us become content with the new or lead us to a new church home. 

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love her music. Don't worry everything happens for a reason!