Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Doris Day Love Thanks to Swagbucks

Thanks to Swagbucks, I will be enjoying this little beauty tomorrow on the way to New Orleans. :)

48 songs of Doris Day loveliness. SO excited!
Thanks to Swagbucks giftcards, I only had to pay $0.58 for the album out of pocket.
Don't know what swagbucks is? Swagbucks is a way of earning points towards many prizes through your daily internet searches. It is a search engine just like google with the same results except you earn for your searches. Cool, huh? It is free to sign up. So far I have gotten over $30 in Amazon gift cards.

Tomorrow I will be driving my younger sisters to New Orleans where we will meet my oldest sister, Rachel, to see WICKED. We are going to be eating lunch at Ralph & Cackoo's and hopefully getting some beignets before we head home. I love spending time with my sisters, I love Cajun food and I love New Orleans. =) It should be a great day (especially with Doris Day keeping us company on the road). ;)


JG said...

I'll definitely have to look into that. Amazon gift cards are my crack habit. ;)

I loved Wicked! (well, the first act). Have you seen it before???

Miranda Tucci said...

I hope you have a great time! :-)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a great time in NO and seeing wicked!!!