Monday, April 19, 2010

Scents of Walt Disney World

What are your favorite scents from Disney World?

I follow WDW Daily News on twitter and saw that they had updated a post on WDW Central that immediately caught my attention: Top 5: Scents of Disney World.
I have always been one to associate scents with good memories and it always seems to make them more distinct. One smell can send you through a thousand memories. I love it!
These are the Top 5 that they listed on their post. 

5. Spaceship Earth (Burning Rome): A great smell that is distinctly “Disney”. A classic that most can recognize – it had to make this list!

4. Soarin’ (Orange and Pine): Soarin’ is one of my favorite rides ever. And anytime I’m in the “real world” and get a whiff of orange or pine scented air freshner or spray, it instantly takes me to Soarin’.

3. Monorail (Air Conditioner): You know the smell. You are waiting in line for the monorail in the hot Florida heat. The monorail finally pulls up and you enter the wonderful ice-cold monorail car that has that air conditioner-ish smell.

2. Hotel Rooms (Clean scent): You’ve walked up stairs or taken the elevator with luggage. Hunt your room down, and when you find it, you walk in to that clean smelling (most of the time) room that welcomes you to relax and turn on the TV to watch Stacy.

1. Water Rides (Chlorine/Water smell): Any ride that has water: Living with the Land, it’s a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean and the like. Walking into the building that houses the ride, you get closer and closer to the actual attraction and the smell of chlorine in the water lets you know you are there.

Some others that stand out to me...
- Turkey legs
- Smoke from Stitch's Great Escape(a not so pleasant smell, but definitely unique and distinct)
- Stink Bug smell from It's Tough to be a Bug(yet another not so pleasant smell).
- Rock N Roller Coaster - I don't know what the smell is or how to define it... but it has a smell. Yeah. I'm sticking to that.
- Carousel of Progress - Yes, it smells old and musty but I love it anyway. It's like you can smell the history as you go through the different time periods.
- Apple Pie in Philharmagic - Oh how I love me some Philharmagic.
- The Christmas store smells(Downtown Disney and MK) - It's a deliciously happy cinnamon scent.
- A Mix of the scents from the Main Street Bakery and the Ice Cream Shoppe. Between the sweets at the bakery and the waffle cones baking - yum!
- Casey's Corner - not sure if the "lovely" scent is the hotdogs or what. But you can definitely smell it on a hot summer day from a mile away. Sadly, it might make you lose your appetite. ;)
- The Grand Floridian - If elegance has a smell, the Grand Floridian has captured it.
- Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom - on a hot summer day when everyone everything smells yucky, their food smells so delectable and over powers most of the negative smells.
- Everest - The smell in the queue, most likely from the artifacts and items themselves, and the ride. It's a unique, rustic, almost rusty, smell.

My goodness, I am sure I could go on and on but that are the first few that struck me.
It's only been 2 months since we went and I already have Disney fever. Oh. Dear.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Your love for Disney is amazing! I know some people who've worked there and they love love love it!

Scents always bring back the greatest memories!

JG said...

The Main Street Bakery didn't make the top 5??? Whatev!

But yes, the Spaceship Earth and Soarin' scents are awesome.