Friday, September 4, 2009

Time Flies...

But I wouldn't exactly describe the past week as fun.
The final homestand at work (last Friday through Tuesday) was absolutely exhausting. Tuesday we were packed for the final game of the season. Because we were understaffed because of most of our college students leaving, I had 2 suites upstairs (one catered, one concessions) AND I got sent to make a "quick run" to VIP(downstairs behind home plate). There was nothing quick about it. I had well over 20 orders and stayed swamped for over an hour and a half. The concession stands were running out of things and my guests were running out of patience. For the most part everyone was nice and understanding that I was down there by myself... but there was a group of three guys who didn't even place an order who kept getting on to me for everything. I brought back an order for a man that was sitting down the row from these three guys but by the time I made it back with this man's order, he wasn't in his seat anymore. The three guys started calling me every name in the book, cussing, saying I was too slow so he had to go get his own order, etc... and then one of them threw his beer on my lower legs and feet. That was it. I broke down into tears, left the man's order and change with my season ticket friends, Mrs. Rita and Mr. Doug, and walked up the stairs as quickly as possibly. At the top of the stairs was the man who had left his seat. I told him that I left his order and change with the people who were seated behind him. Apparently the man hadn't gone to get his own food, he had gone to the bathroom. I went back upstairs, told my boss what had happened and washed my face before going back to tend to my suites.
I hate when people treat those serving them horribly. I love my job but that was just ridiculous. We don't HAVE to keep anyone down in VIP to take food and drink orders but we try to have someone down there when we can because they pay alot more for their tickets. So if you know someone is not assigned to your area but is choosing to serve you and help you anyway, why would you mistreat them? What in the world would you do that to anyone???
I am just glad that it was the last night of work. The season is over and even though that means I am currently without a job, after Tuesday night I need a break! Oh, and I had my first test of the semester at 8am the next morning. Exciting, right?

Wednesday, my sinuses were bothering me again so I came home from school around 3:30pm to take a nap with every intention of getting up to cook dinner and then leave for church and choir. But... I never made it to church. I cooked dinner around 5:00pm for Trevor and ate a little bit but then I got sick, again. I have no idea why but it seems like every single time I get a headache(sinus, migraine or otherwise), I throw up. To say the least, it isn't fun and it is very annoying. I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until our alarm went off at 5:30am.

Yesterday I had another test. I did not feel good about it at all... I took my time on it and answered every single one of the 6 bonus questions because I knew I needed all the help I could get. Mr. Cockrell graded the tests as we handed them in so I didn't have to wait over the weekend to know how I did. Amazingly, despite having an awful sense of dread as I turned it in, I had 4 points counted off BUT I got 4 of the six bonus questions. To say the least, that made my day! Yesterday afternoon I spent my time alternating between studying, cleaning, cooking dinner and baking cookies.
Side note: I have to have background noise of some sort in order to study. This is probably a result of having 6 siblings and very rarely experiencing silence when studying. ;)
So, for my "background noise" I enjoyed watching Sammy Davis Jr Live in Germany and the Welk Stars through the years special. We started watching White Christmas, one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies, but we didn't finish it. I am not sure how we managed it but we both went to by at 10. Try as we might, we are both night owls and we are usually doing good if we are in bed by midnight. :)
I just finished my last test for the week. Right now we are on break before we have to start another lecture. Oh the joys of a class that only meets once a week. =)
Tonight I get to watch Trevor assist in coaching CCA's football game. I didn't get to watch their first game because of work but I am excited to go tonight. I love fall because of football, the weather, and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner.
Tomorrow morning we will be heading to Ponchatoula to spend the day doing repair work and odd jobs at Grandmommy's house. My parents and younger siblings are all leaving this afternoon to go to Ponchatoula, so we should have a good sized group and get a lot done. We will head back to Mississippi Sunday after church and lunch so that we can get back in time for the annual Reservoir Baptism.
Maybe on Monday I will get to enjoy my holiday, extra long weekend. :) Tuesday is my 22nd birthday and Trevor and I will have been married for exactly a year and a half.

Have an amazing weekend!


Ashley said...

I'm sorry work was so difficult! At least it's over and fall is "here"!!

Heather said...

I am with you in the background noise. I sometimes laugh at myself about it.


Sorry about the mean guys. You should have called me I would have come and beat them up for you!