Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank goodness it's... Thursday

Which is my Friday. :)

My tests went well and I like the results that I have so far. I made a 91 on the written portion of my drafting test and a 100 on the drawing portion. Seems like a good way to start off the semester to me. We'll just see if I am feeling as optimistic on Monday when I get the grades back from my other two tests.

Yesterday afternoon I rode with Trevor and his dad to Monticello to take Eli some money to get his truck fixed and to pick up some tires and other random parts for Mr. Allen's race car. Honestly, I heard the names of the part at least a dozen times and I STILL don't even know what they are. HA. I guess it's a good thing that I have a husband who understands cars and the language that goes with them.
We got back around 9 and I tried to check off at least a few of the things that had been on my to do list for the day. By the time 10 rolled around, I was exhausted and ready for bed. Trevor was still up watching TV, so it was just me and our dog, Lady, in our bedroom. And... let me tell you, I had a first. I have never slept with a dog in my bed before. I don't really like them in the bed period but I guess she and I were both tired and somewhere between the petting and loving on her and waiting for Trevor to come to bed, we both fell asleep. haha.

Tonight we are going to the Utica campus to watch the basketball team from Jones play against Hinds. Of course, we will be sitting on the Jones side and cheering them on since most of the guys were on Trevor's team last year. It should be an interesting experience sitting on the "wrong" side.

Trevor has been keeping busy with school and his new volunteer coaching job at Clinton Christian Academy. He is considered volunteer status until he reaches a certain amount of credits(end of spring semester 2010 which is also when I am supposed to graduate) and then he will be considered part-time until he graduates. They have already offered him a full-time job once he graduates. We shall see where the Lord leads on that one. :) He has been putting in several hours and a lot of effort. I just think he is amazing. Of course, I already thought that, this only reiterates the fact. ;)

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