Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh dear...

Where to start?
I am sick. And as a women who is sick, I understand that everything seems 20 times worse than it really is. So I am trying to keep everything in perspective and not worry or stress.
I cannot seem to kick the sinus/allergy problems that I am having. I am miserable about 18/24 hours. The only time I seem to get any relief is when I sleep. Yesterday, I didn't do my work study at school and came home after school to eat lunch, take meds, sleep from 2-5, study and eat some chicken noodle soup, and was back in bed by 8:45.
I woke up at 4:30 this morning which I guess is to be expected since I went to bed so early. So I woke up and took advantage of the extra time to enjoy a long shower, study, and cook Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Muffins. Seeing Trevor's reaction to the muffins was totally worth the extra effort. He was so precious this morning. :)
My test went well this morning... and then everything seemingly went downhill. Since I had so much time before my next class, I went to the financial aid office. They had told us at the beginning of the semester when we received our awards letter for our pell grants that the refunds come in two parts and the first would come February 20th(this Friday). So I just wanted to find out when the second part was coming.
Come to find out, they changed the refund schedule. Pell grant refunds for students who live on campus and student loans come back on Friday. But pell grant refunds for commuter students aren't being returned until April 8th. *sigh*
It's frustrating to think for a month and a half that we are getting our money back soon just to find out that we won't be getting it for almost another 2 months. Since Trevor and I don't start work until April, our cash flow is rather limited. Needless to say, I almost busted into tears in the F.A. office. I got a hug from my sweetheart before his class started and then went to the car to cry and call my mom. It's so hard to go from thinking that we had almost $750 coming in Friday and another $750 coming in April to not having any money coming in until April.
I know I am opening myself up for more of the critisism that we received when we first got married. Claims that we are too young, inexperienced, not financially settled... so on and so forth.
But it's ok. Every hits rough spots and everyone has worries and things that cause them stress. We aren't the only ones. After talking with my dad, I felt so much better. Poppa told me that he learned a long time ago to never worry, because if you can change the situation or make it better then there is no reason to worry. And if there is nothing you can do to make it better, then there is still no use wasting your time,energy and emotions worrying over something that can't change.
This afternoon we went by my parent's house to pick up some of my bonds. I still have some of mine left that my grandparents put up for each of us. I got to the bank and got out of the car, just to see the lady walk out and lock the door. So we'll have to wait and deposit it on Friday since I have classes and work study (plus extra since I didn't work Tuesday).
It was a rough day, but it isn't so bad now. I am venting on here to absolutely no one and catching up on TV shows on the internet. :0) Sounds like a pretty good evening plus going to bed early. Though it won't be as early as last night. I am thinking 9:30 rather than 8:30ish.

Goodnight =)


Brittany said...

Praying for you guys! sometimes it IS hard. keep your focus on the Lord!
btw-can I get the recipe for those muffins? or did you make them from a pkg?

Casey said...

I have Sinus problems my Doctor told me to try Neilmed Sinus Rinse.
You can get it at the drug store.
Since I a have been using this every day I've gone from have infection every other month down to about twice a year.
It has been a life saver for me.
Hope it works for you