Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 35(ish) of 1001

My, oh my... How time is flying!

This past week has been a fairly busy one. We both worked full schedules for the most part. Trevor did not work on Thursday because he was sick. I think he had a virus of some sort because it started Wednesday afternoon and wore off sometime yesterday afternoon. He was running a ridiculously high fever. Proof? I "woke up" Thursday morning freezing. I honestly didn't sleep well the entire night because I was too cold. I have to be cold to sleep but this was just too much! So when I finally braved getting out from under the covers I realized that Trevor had the air set on 45 degrees! And he was still sweating. It was crazy.

Wednesday night was lots of fun. We hosted a movie night at our apartment. It got a late start because we didn't get started until after we all got off work. We ordered pizzas and what we like to call mocktails. We bought apple mixer and blue raspberry mixer and added sprite to it. It was an interesting drink to go along with the pizzas. One of the reasons we started it was for those of us who don't go out drinking and partying to have an opportunity to hang out. It also ended up being an opportunity for some of the people who do party to see that you can have fun and a great time without drinking and getting into trouble. The next day, one of the girls told me that the mocktails definitely tasted better than any alcoholic drink she had ever had and she was excited because she said she now knew there were better alternatives out there. Plus, she was glad because she had a good time and remembered it the next morning. It was a really good feeling. Trevor and I have decided to try and have a movie night at least once a week.

We have yet another long weekend off of work because of mixed up days off. But neither of us are really complaining. We slept in this morning. I ran errands this afternoon and Trevor headed over to Mickey's retreat to play baseball with some of the guys from Sunset. I took a little nap and then woke up to cook supper. The nap was desperately needed but I am wondering if it will end up being worth it since it will be hard to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. Oh, but I love my naps!

Tomorrow morning we will be visiting yet another church. Trevor and I know that there will never be another Pinelake for us. We are so ready to be home so that we can be really involved at Pinelake again. I am particularly excited about joining the choir. :) Tomorrow night we are going to volunteer with a group of people from Sunset, including our managers, at the Give Kids the World Village here in Orlando. I am very excited about this opportunity. Everyone says it is an amazing experience.

The plans for Monday are still yet to be determined. I know I have a "to do" list for the morning but I think we are going to play in the parks for the rest of the day. We shall see! :)

Right now, I am headed off to a bubble bath.

To come, an update on my 101 in 1001 and pictures from our birthdays!

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