Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Enjoying the silence

It's Christmas day.
And yes, I am hiding in my room, typing away on my laptop.
I woke up this morning and cooked Crawfish Etouffee for my family. I love making it and I look forward to it every Christmas. This year has flown by so quickly. It seems unreal that it is already a new year, a year in which I will get married and start a new part of my life. I'm excited but I don't want time to pass too quickly.
As always we opened presents last night, Christmas Eve. Mom and Poppa gave me money to shop for clothes, particularly a jacket and a few pairs of earrings. And, of course, I got the wonderful(sometimes random) presents from the little guys. Those are always my favorites!
Winnie, Trevor and I are going shopping tomorrow. It will be the first time in years that I have bothered shopping the day after Christmas. I usually don't feel like dealing with the crowds but I am looking forward to it this year, strangely enough.
Mom and Poppa gave "Team Clegg" a Wii for Christmas so the entire family has been taking turns playing(which explains why I am hiding in my haven and enjoying some peace and quiet.

I also have to call a real estate agent tomorrow about a house that Trevor and I might buy. I am really hoping that this works out because we desperately need to find a house closer to USM. Once I move in with him after our wedding in March, I will have to commute 45 minutes every day to school and work. We are praying for a solution that will show itself soon.
I found a precious house that had been foreclosed on. It is close to the school, in a decent neighborhood and a great price. 3 bedrooms!! Hopefully it is still available and I can make an appointment to see it on Thursday.

Trevor and I are making a list of places to go. Here are some of the things that are on our list for the next year or so.
- Bellingrath Gardens in the springtime.
- Disney World - HONEYMOON!!
- Bucks County, Pennsylvania*
- Bel Air, Maryland *
- Biltmore Estate - We both went when we were younger and want to go back. :)
That's all for now but goodness knows I'm sure the list will grow with little trips every now and then.

*These two places are to visit Historical Preservation Certificate programs. These schools are the only 2 places in the country where I can get my HPC, so Trevor and I will end up living in either PA or MD for 2 years.

I know it is not likely that anyone is reading this. But I would MUCH rather type than write a journal out by hand. So even if I am just talking to myself, I shall keep on typing. :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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