Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I absolutely adore Christmas. For many, many reasons. Some which are general, others which are more personal and feel slightly deeper.
Ila's birthday was great. I'm going to miss her so much next semester!
Bellingrath was beautiful as always and I believe I am more in love with Trevor than ever before. He was amazingly sweet and adorable the whole evening, keeping me smiling. Ashley "Squared" Long met us after dark to take in the lights. I enjoyed going back through the house, again. I can never get enough of it :) This year was different from last year. We got there early enough to be able to look around in the day light and wander down the paths and to the river which are blocked off once light falls. We got many wonderful pictures of Trevor and myself as well as with Ila, thanks to her photography loving mother(even if some of them do look like senior portraits). Overall, Christmas vacation has been wonderful so far!
Trevor and I get to go on a Wal-mart date tonight to go grocery shopping for mom. Thursday, we will be opening presents to and from Heather and BJ. They will be leaving Friday for Indiana, so we'll open some presents early. Rae and I are contemplating whether or not the "big family christmas present" will be revealed. It's the first year that us "big girls" are being left out of the big present and apparently this one is supposed to beat all others. Hopefully we'll find out Thursday. This suspense has been killing me for a month. =)
Trevor and I will be leaving for Destin on Friday and we plan on coming back sometime Sunday afternoon/evening.

Breaks from school are wonderful. Unfortunately, they pass entirely too quickly.

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