Saturday, July 10, 2010

Has it really been a month?

I've been working in Alabama for a month now. Time seems to have flown by but I am sure that has to do with the fact that I am working 12 hours a day and have only had 3 full days off since I got here.
I miss blogging so much! I try to at least read some blogs but I have not commented faithfully at all. Thankfully, Honey(Heather) brought her laptop down here with her and she is sweet enough to share it with me. That's right. 3 Clegg girls all working down in Mobile together. :) Our town home will be ready this coming Friday and I am SO beyond excited about not living in a hotel.
T has been able to come down here to visit twice and I am so thankful that on his days off that he is willing to drive 4 hours to be with me, even when I still have to work. Those are precious moments that I absolutely cherish. I asked to have this upcoming weekend off so that I could go home and move some things back for our apartment but it was not approved. I haven't been able to go home since I got here and I am having withdrawals. I miss T, my family and my friends but I know that this is temporary(even though it is a long term temporary). Hopefully there will be some normalcy in my schedule and routine once we move into the apartment.
Some things I appreciate:
- T. He is so sweet and so supportive. This is by no means easy but we both know it is necessary. He is forever patient. He had about an hour to teach me to drive Heather's standard car and, though I am by no means good at it, I did it!
- My job and work family. This job has and will enable us to not struggle so much financially. If you have been around this blog for any amount of time, with both of us in college and working average paying jobs while in school, money has been a serious issue. My first paycheck was for a week and a half and, basically, equalled what T and I were making together in a month at home. I still can't even wrap my mind around it. But I am very grateful and blessed.
- My parents and siblings. My whole family was together on the 4th of July since I was graced with having the day off thanks to watermelon. :o) Then my mom came back and spent some time with us "big girls". More moments I cherish. My sisters, Rachel and Honey, are an ultimate support system. Rachel and I work the same shift but on completely different areas of the site and she is still living with family friends while I am at a hotel. Heather is working night shift so we only catch little moments together every once in a while. Despite not seeing them consistently, I am so grateful to have them here with me.
- Jade. After working 12 hours with all men, it is SO nice to have a female to hang out with after work. I met Jade through her brother, who works with me in the Boom Repair Shop, and we instantly hit it off. She works in the office for one of the subcontractors and she is basically the only female with that company. We are both starved for female companionship. ;) 

Some things I am looking forward to:
- Moving into our apartment
- A trip home, whenever that may be.
- Getting into a routine.
- Cooking, blogging, and making the most of my evenings.
- Getting a DVR. :) I have cable in the hotel but with our crazy schedules we can't really watch any shows consistently. I look forward to being spoiled and having it on hand again.
- Buying a brand new mattress and bedroom furniture for the bedroom that Honey and I will share.
- Having my dog Lady here with us once we're in the apartment. T and I decided that Lady should come stay with me so I can have some "company". He will be keeping Coach with him in Mississippi. Coach doesn't adapt to new surroundings as easily as Lady does and he enjoys the yard and being able to run free. So even though Coach is "my" baby, he will be staying at home with T and Lady will be coming here.
- Mani and Pedi with Jade sometime this week.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear that you're doing well in AL! That's great that you'll be able to get into an apartment soon.

Shoshanah said...

Glad to hear all is well, even if you've been busy! It's too bad Clay isn't able to be down in Mobile with you, but at least you're getting to spend time with your sisters!

Hannah said...

Hey, I read your interview on Mommy Mouskateer and wanted to see if you had any tips or advice about the DCP because I'm starting down there in a few weeks. You can email me at or check out my blog at I wasn't sure where to find your email address on here, so I thought I would try a comment instead! Thanks!! :)