Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving, Massages, and My Heart

Rachel and Heather are moved into their apartment for the most part. Yes, Rachel and Heather. I have moved back home to Jackson. I have waited a week to decided what I wanted to reveal on here. While still using discretion, I feel comfortable enough sharing the basics of what happened. I was fired from Patriot Environmental. Yes, I know how awful that sounds but I can honestly say that I did nothing wrong and I was released unjustly. A couple of weeks ago there was a sexual harassment issue at work. I was the victim and the man who was causing the problem was fired. Unfortunately, the management felt that in order to "avoid future performance issues among the crew" that I could not be a part of their team. I was given no warning and no opportunity to switch to another position (where I wouldn't be the only female). So last Tuesday I was "released" from Patriot. I have struggled with the situation. I feel cheated and hate how unfairness of the whole situation. But I am resting in the fact that I, personally, didn't do anything to justify being fired and that God has a plan for me.
I just hate the limbo phase that I am in, with no potential jobs. At the same time, I am exhausted from working 5 weeks of 12 hours days with only 3 days off. God's timing is not my own.
My days off were originally scheduled for yesterday and today. As soon as I found out what my days off would be, my mom set up a one hour massage and an adjustment at the chiropractor for me. After losing my job, I thought I would cancel my appointments. Thankfully, we still had the money set aside for the appointments and T told me to keep the appointments. I honestly needed them. Not only physically but emotionally and mentally. It was a little bit of heaven and I feel rejuvenated and ready to face whatever comes next. I have only had one other massage before and it was a 30 minute free massage. The hour was SO worth it! I had no idea. But I definitely won't be forgetting it anytime soon.
My Heart
The one good side I have seen out of being "sent" home is that I get some much needed time with the hubby. :) Yesterday we had a date day and just spent time enjoying each others company. After my appointments we ran some errands. Before it would have just felt monotonous and part of the everyday routine but it was good. He even took me to the fruit stand, checked for cut open watermelon before I got out of the car and did not complain about fruits and veggies for a single second. It was a miracle. ;) We ate dinner at Soul Shine Pizza and created our own pizza. Wheat crust, marinara sauce, crawfish, sauteed onions, and green bell peppers. We created a crawfish etouffee pizza. SO delicious! We had planned on going to see the movie Killers but we still had a few hours to kill before it started. We talked about going home but I knew that if I went home I wouldn't want to get back out to go to the movie, so T suggested that we go to the Renaissance shopping center. He took me to Barnes and Noble and let me sit and read for almost an hour. It was so sweet and relaxing. He went and looked at car books. Of course. ;) We walked around window shopping a bit, got a waffle bowl of ice cream to share then headed to the movie. The movie was pretty cute. I love Katherine Heigl and I definitely liked Ashton Kutcher in this movie. Usually his characters get on my nerves. Just keeping it real!
It is nice to sleep in and not set an alarm clock but I wake up between 4:30-5 every morning like clockwork.I am usually able to fall back asleep around 6 and can sleep for a couple hours longer. It also never fails that I am ready for bed when the sun goes down.
Later this week: Weight loss, keeping it off and good eats!


Aimee said...

Wow I am really sorry about the job situation. That seriously sucks. Have you thought about doing a court case? I don't know much about the law nor am I giving any type of advice...I am just wondering the legality of what they did.

Massages are always great. I need one really bad, I am use to getting them like 3-4 times a month anmd its been almost a month since I got my last one so my body hates me.

Yay for date days...sounds like you had a great one.

The Tucci's! said...

Thinking of you and sending HUGS your way! I'm so sorry about your job fiasco .. it isn't fair, but God has his own plans. There will be something bigger and better out there for you! Just keep your head up and don't dwell on the past pretty girl!

I'm so happy you're getting to spend some time with your hubby - you deserve it! :-)

Ashley said...

I can't believe the job situation! Seriously, that amazes me. Clearly, God has a plan for you and that was NOT where you were meant to be. Hang in there!

JG said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about the job. You are correct, you did NOTHING wrong. In fact, this sounds like wrongful termination to me. I'm so sorry. I love your attitude! You're right, God has something better in store!

And massages are what keep me going when SoldierMan is gone. Real medical massages are amazing! 1 hour just isn't enough sometimes :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I live by the rule, Everything happens for a reason. I'm sorry about your job and it sounds like you're totally in the right.

That's great that you and your husband are back together!