Friday, December 25, 2009

So Blessed (Disney 2010 trip!!!!)

This was a great Christmas. We balanced the time between both of our families because we know the likelihood of us living within 20 minutes of both of them isn't likely to happen again for a while. T's parent's are talking about moving to Tennessee and we will be living wherever the army sends us.
T gave me some great gifts. :)

Disney. Love. Christmas. No further explanation.

Open Hearts Collection by Jane Seymour. T bought me the necklace/earring set. So pretty!

The only kind of coffee I will even touch is a frappuccino. I made my first frappe on my Mr Coffee Cafe Frappe tonight. I will never be the person to need my cup of hot coffee in the morning to get me going but I can see making a frappe every morning. :) I tried a traditional Mocha Frappe and I can't wait to experiment with more recipes.

And my favorite Christmas present from T? A trip to my favorite place on earth, of course! We(T, MIL, niece Josie and I) will be going to Disney World in February 2010. I am beyond excited. It is a great opportunity for us to have a vacation before he leaves for basic, even though I will be missing a couple days of school. Amazingly enough, this trip is costing us almost nothing.
2 of Trevor's friends are using their Main Gate passes to get us 3 adults in free for the 4-5 days we will be in the park. Josie will be a week shy of 3 so she will get in free. FREE TICKETS. :o)
In exchange for getting her in the park, T's mom is using her time share and has the hotel covered. We will have the hotel room for a total of 7 nights but I don't know that we will be able to go for the entire time(because of work and school). FREE HOTEL. :o)
The only thing we have to pay for is gas and food. To me that is the least expensive part of a trip to Disney. Our car gets excellent gas mileage. And we plan to eat frugally. We usually eat breakfasts in our room, bring in snacks to the parks. We intend to either eat Quick Service for one meal a day(or eat in the hotel room) and then have a few Table Service Meals. Because it is not very far away (40ish days!) we might not be able to make many TS reservations. But no matter what, I am BEYOND happy. I am so excited to be going back to our happy place!

I got many other gifts from T, my family and his family. I feel so incredibly loved and blessed!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

so excited for you......

Steven & Amanda said...

Yay for Disney! DH and I are trying to go in March. We had so much fun looking at the restaurants, hope you can still get reservations (We did!)!

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

Great gifts! Glad you had a wonderful christmas!