Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, Oh Monday

Just a short post... really short.
It has actually been a good Monday. Our friend Brooke, whom we worked with at Disney, is visiting us for a couple of days from Arizona. I am so excited to have her here.
School starts in a week. I am excited to be starting my final year of school but dreading it knowing that this is my last summer of freedom for a little while. And it is also sad knowing that we haven't had a single vacation or trip the entire summer. :(
I told you it was a short post. I will update later in the week. =)

P.S. (edit) I have spent the last couple of hours going back and forth between doing a puzzle with Brooke, watching Anne of Green Gables, and trying to install the free Student Version of AutoCAD 2010. It FINALLY finished downloading... and it is beautiful. Be still my heart. Oh, how I adore AutoCAD. =)


Anonymous said...

where did you find a free version of autocad?

Ashley said...

On the AutoCAD website. I believe that you just have to use a student e-mail account in order to access the download.