Friday, December 19, 2008

6 Days til Christmas!

I am counting down. Obviously. ;)

Because of some really bizarre mix-up, it looks like I will be working 7 days next week. Which is fine, to an extent. Trevor and I both put in a request to give away our Christmas Day shift. His went through but unfortunately, mine was not approved. So he has the day off, and I don't. I am hoping that in the next couple of days something will work out. Until then, I work at Sunset tomorrow, Magic Kingdom Sunday and Monday and the rest of the week at Sunset. 62 hours and 45 minutes in all. Even without my Christmas shift(8hr45m) I will have a great amount of hours. The paycheck will really be helpful because it comes in right before we move home.

Speaking of home, we will be moving back to Mississippi in 15 days. =) So much excitement.
I have SO much packing to do. Where am I going to fit that in during the next several days? Ha, I really have NO idea.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that our Patty(Pathfinder) broke down yesterday? I went with several of my friends from work(Amanda, Daniela, and Stephan) to tour the resorts and look at all of the Christmas decorations. On the way back to our apartment, the car just stopped working. Trevor was working and still had about 2 hours left in his shift. Daniela hopped out of the car and started walking(Yes, she is crazy haha). We walked from where the car broke down(past the entrance to Wide World of Sports) all the way to Pop Century resort. This earned us some hilarious looks from the gate guard when we walked up to his kiosk, all flashing our Disney IDs. After explaining the story to him, he told us it would be fine if we caught the bus from Pop Century to Hollywood Studios. We caught the last bus taking guests into Studios for the night. Everyone else caught the CP bus back to the apartments after we waited for Trevor to get off of work. One of the guys that we work with drove Trevor and I to the car where they tried to figure out what is wrong with it. Long story short(well, too late) - they couldn't fix it, we got it towed to the apartment this morning, and we will be waiting a week until Trevor's dad gets here to see if it is worth fixing. The car is old and lately it seems that we keep putting money into it. After we figure out exactly what is wrong, we will decide if it is really worth investing more money into it. It is a matter which we will continue to pray about.

By the way, check out That is where I got my new layout from. She does really great work! She has a lot of free stuff but she also does custom layouts for a very reasonable rate.

Well, I need to get some sleep. But first - a to do list.
-Christmas shopping needs to get finished in the next few days. Trevor is the only person I have left and VERY important in my books ;)
-Buy groceries for Christmas day and enough to last until we leave here.
- Try to find someone to take my Christmas shift
- Pack, Pack, Pack!
- Give out the Christmas presents I made for the girls at work
- etc, etc, etc. haha. There is so much more I could add to this, but I think I will leave it at that for now.


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