Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Trip Home

Myself and D'Lynn - Poppa called us "mini-me and maxi-me" all weekend and she loved it! When we came into the living room and surprised all of them, she immediately jumped in my arms and literally didn't let go for almost an hour.

Josh and Caleb(aka Peanut) - These boys are a handful, mess, etc... But I love them and their craziness, young-boy-ness. Weren't they precious in their tuxes?!

Winnie will forever be baby Moses in my eyes. She has been baby Moses to the entire family since I stuck her in my mom's plastic sewing basket and floated her in the filled bathtub. No harm done, she was safe in the basket and she loved the attention. Yes, I thought she was my very own live babydoll when she was born. =) But she is growing up into a young lady, which is exciting and scary at the same time.

Rae and Honey - Rachel and I managed to snag some time together this weekend, which I am really glad of. :)
Honey finally got married and she will be back tomorrow from their mini-honeymoon.

I am exceedingly tired but not sleepy. Back to work and "the real world" tomorrow at the wonderful world of Disney. Magic Kingdom here I come. I am refreshed from our lovely weekend at home and it has renewed a feeling for us to embrace the months we have here before we return to the place that will always claim "home" in our hearts.

More pictures to come!

Kit name: Cinnamon Toast

Designer: Vicki - A Work In Progress


Heather said...

These are all cute.... You will have to show me sometime how you did them!

I am working on an update... too many pictures to choose from!!!!

Vicki said...

I just linked through to your blog from a lovely comment on mine. Your LOs are beautiful, you did a great job - I love seeing my kits in action.