Thursday, May 6, 2010

Newspaper/Coupons and a dog = FAIL

 Welcome to my Friday Fail!

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Tuesday I walked to Walgreens to buy cleaning supplies and came back to find a stack of soggy newspapers. The dogs had gotten out of their room while I was gone and one of them decided that they needed to take care of business all over my stack of newspapers. But not just any stack of newspapers. They didn't pick the one that already had the ads and coupons sorted out of it, the one that I keep to use for the dogs. They picked the ones with the coupons still in it.

I couldn't exactly get mad, or not really mad. I mean, at least they know what the newspaper is supposed to be used for.

My camera was in the car which Trevor had taken to work so I don't have any pictures of my actual newspapers. And I DID NOT consider actually leaving them like that for 5-6 hours until he came home. Nope, sure didn't. ;)


Amanda said...

Oh no!! I think I may have teared up had that been my dogs.

Amy said...

And this is why I don't have dogs. :)

JG said...

Oh wow. You handled that much better than I would have! :)

Sheri said...

Oh no! Well you're right, at least it was on newspapers. It could have been worse, maybe? Sometimes you just gotta laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Smart dogs, they actually did their business where they're supposed to. Sorry it had to be the ones with the coupons though.