Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beyond Random Hodge-Podge

And so another week has begun. I CANNOT believe that it is already October. And you know what? It is 80 days until Christmas. =)
I am still jobless but I had 2 interviews yesterday so hopefully something will work out soon. I'm trying not to get discouraged and make the most of the free time that I have to get things accomplished at home and stay on top of my school work.
You want to know what made my Friday night? Downloading AutoDesk Inventor. Yeah. I know. Geeky, slightly strange, etc. I love AutoCAD(ok, not every day but for the most part). And we finally started using Inventor in my Friday Machine Drafting class on Friday morning. I fell in love within a matter of minutes. Hopefully it isn't a shallow, short lived love. :)
My youngest brother, Caleb, stayed with us for the weekend with the exception of Saturday 2pm - Sunday morning. He had a lot of fun playing with Lady and Coach and using up all of his energy. Saturday morning and early afternoon was busy but we had nothing planned for Saturday night which is very unusual and so nice. Trevor surprised me by taking me on a date. We went to Yankee Candle and he bought me 2 candles(we had a buy 1, get 1 free coupon. Yay!) and then took me to the new Five Guys burgers. It was delicious but, oh my goodness! Those burgers are HUGE and so filling. I think I am going with the "kids" menu next time. :o)
Church was great Sunday morning. We came home, left the screen door open on the porch and just relaxed in the living room. Caleb and Trevor both fell asleep watching a football game. Caleb was asleep on the sofa with Coach and Lady was asleep with Trevor in the recliner.
What did I do with my Sunday afternoon? Compiling a complete list of Disney movies in chronological order that also includes that current edition is out, dates that movies went back into the vault, dates current movies out of the vault will be returning to the vault and when the next few movies will be coming out. Obsessive compulsive much? Yes, most definitely. :) I want to one day have a complete collection of all (good) Disney movies. Especially the old classics(both animated and live action) and the Masterpieces Collection. So I am working on a list of what I have and what I definitely want so that I can start getting them as they are out of the vault.
Yesterday went by rather quickly. I got a lot done in my classes and I got to eat lunch with my sweetheart. I had an interview at 4 and another one at 6:30. Trevor surprised me by having grilling hamburgers and making french fries while I was gone. It was so nice to come home to dinner ready and I didn't even have to clean the kitchen afterwards. Amazing!! I loved it! :o) I caught up on my Army Wives, Diet Tribe and watched some of the Dr. Quinn episodes while catching up with friends via phone calls, texts, and AIM conversations. I don't think I have used AIM that much or had that many conversations going on since Jr. High. It was hard to keep up with but I loved catching up with everyone. I hate that so many of my good friends live so far away. Good excuse for a vacation though, right?
Today, I had a project due by the end of class for my Mapping and Topo class and nothing due for Cost Estimating(so nice). We have rehearsal tonight for Pinelake's Night of Praise tomorrow night at 6:30. If you love music and worshipping through music, then come check it out. :o)


Ashley said...

The link to my Disney list is in the left column of my blog. Surprisingly, I haven't updated it a whole lot! Need to get on that!

Shoshanah said...

I think owning a complete set of all the Disney animated movies is easily a goal of mine as well.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck on the job search. Have you tried looking for things on usajobs.com they always have really good ones listed. That's how I found mine.

PS I'm sooooo excited about christmas!!!