Saturday, May 16, 2009

Retail Therapy

I got the pleasure of taking a leisurely shopping trip with my good friend, Lisa, today. We had such a good time. It was nice to just take our time and not rush to get something specific or be anywhere in particular by a certain time. Such a nice break!
We started off in Dogwood and moved over to Renaissance. Though most of the stores are out of our general spending habits and price ranges, I love looking through the stores. It is always nice to window shop if nothing else. =)
My wardrobe is lacking, to say the least. Most women say they "have nothing to wear" but I am not exaggerating when I say I have very little to wear. I have gotten to where I just put on jeans, a t-shirt and flipflops for class... and while that is ok for some days. It is terrible for me to be doing that on a daily basis. I very rarely have the money to spend on clothes and when I do, I feel guilty for indulging. You might want to sit down(ha, in case you were standing up at your computer!) before I tell you this. I have only bought ONE shirt for myself since moving back home in January. Yes, for those of you mentally calculating, one shirt in a 5 month time period. And that was in March for our wedding anniversary. Before that, the last time I had bought blouses was in October before my parents came to visit us at Disney. TERRIBLE!
But I decided to treat myself. I bought myself 4 nice blouses. I usually just try to go for the lower costs rather than quality and one of my 101 is to build up my wardrobe to be more adult, classy and professional. The frugal side of me kicked in though while we were shopping and I didn't pay full price for anything. My 4 shirts would have been almost $400 regularly... and I paid $75 for them. So, while still saving, I went for quality and still splurged a bit. I mean, before I NEVER would have paid $75 for 4 shirts. Haha. But it was nice to not worry about the price tags so much. And 2 of the shirts were from one of my favorite stores ever, Anthropology.
On a more amusing note, yet still connected to shopping, I used some of my cash tip money from the Braves to shop. And in general keeping with how tip money is, it was all in $1's and $5's. At Anthropology, as we were checking out, Lisa grinned and said, "It must be nice having all that tip money to spend." Needless to say, the sales lady gave us a VERY curious look. To which I laughed and responded for the sales lady's sake, "Yes, tips from serving food does have some advantages." Lisa and I definitely have a good laugh over the situation. And the sales lady even giggled a little. =)

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