Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving on Up

First off some pictures of our babies! =)

My big girl, sweet Lady! Being still and quiet
while Trev was sleeping. Poor Angel had a

My precious baby boy, Coach! I love
him so much! And he's only a little
spoiled! ;)
On to the main subject - we're moving into our own apartment! Now this might not seem like that big of a deal to some but it is a huge deal to me. =) As much as I hate the actualy moving process, I am pretty excited about this move. Though it isn't far from where we are now, it's a place of our own. Believe me, I have done ALOT of moving since Fall of 2006 between going back and forth between dorms and home at school, our apartment in Hattiesburg, our apartment at Disney, living with Trevor's parents, and currently living with Heather. The longest we have ever been in one place was the 7+ months we were in Orlando.
Tomorrow we will be signing the lease and moving in to an apartment in Ridgeland. And we get to stay still for Atleast 12 months! I am not looking forward to the actual moving process(though I should feel like a pro at it by now), I am beyond excited for us to have our own place. I get to set up house for my sweet husband. It will be great because it will be ours. Despite two things: 1) we will be working on a very tight budget & 2) my husband wants a PIRATE guest bathroom. haha.

I was already planning on designing our own bathroom but Trevor wants a "manly" bathroom. Pirates? We looked last night and today and couldn't find anything that wasn't too childish, embarrassingly freaky or just straight weird. SO we reached a compromise of doing a nautical theme. He can still have boats, captain's wheels, maps, treasure chests, etc. But this way we can even it out with lifehouses, anchors and life preservers. =) I was rather excited at this lovely compromise. Much better than skulls and crossbones being all over the guest bathroom.

Tonight is my first night to be sleeping completely alone since getting married. I stayed with friends in Hattiesburg for one night but we stayed up talking half the night until we all passed out in exhaustion. But tonight, it is just me and the babies, Lady and Coach. Trevor is in Tennessee until late tomorrow night or Saturday morning for his cousin's funeral. I wasn't able to go for multiple reasons, the main one being that one of us had to be here to sign our lease tomorrow and start moving our furniture and belongings in. I miss him terribly!
His being gone also means that I will have to start moving our things by myself tomorrow. Poppa is going to help us some one Saturday. The plan is to use our car, Poppa's truck and possibly Trevor's dad's truck so that we can get it all done as quickly as possibly. Sadly enough, because of all the moving around we have belongings scattered everywhere! We have our things here at Heather's house, things at my parent's house, some things in my parent's storage building and a lot of things at Trevor's parents in the shop. Hopefully we will get a lot done since summer school starts on Monday.

The last few days have been very emotionally trying and difficult. I have had multiple small breakdowns today. I am trying to pray more and worry less. It is very hard because the last few days I have felt like I was being completely attacked by Satan. Everything seemed to keep piling up and there seemed to be no end to it. I owe a million thanks to my parents for helping me out and keeping me sane. I hate asking for help but there are times when you have to. I love and appreciate Poppa and Moms more than I could ever express.

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