Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strawberry Festival

I just thought you might want to get excited right along with me. =)

This weekend we(my parents and all siblings minus Heather) are going to...
I have been looking forward to this for SO long. I remember going a few times when I was little and we have tried each year to go back but for the past several years there was always something else going on the same weekend. This will be the first strawberry festival for the little guys and I can't wait to see their reaction. From my understanding, it has just gotten bigger and better over the years but it still has that great small town feel to it. Right after Mardi Gras, this is supposed to be Louisiana's most attended festival. I can taste all of the goodies and treats now. YUM! Cajun food and strawberries... what more could I ask for? hmmm. Only for some Hi-Ho BBQ. If only I could find a picture for that. I just might have to take one this weekend.