Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 63 of 1001

Just a small update on my progress!

1.Go on a date with my husband once a month (3/33)
I LOVE date nights or even full days. Period. They are amazing!
2. Well, I have completely slacked on taking pictures of the two of us. I think I need to rectify this.
7. I attended a Halloween party. I don't really like Halloween at all, but I did it for Trevor. In his family growing up, the biggest holiday out of the year was Halloween where as in my family Christmas is the biggest holiday. I enjoyed the evening because I was in my sweetheart's company.
11. Bring him breakfast in bed at least once a month (3/33)
It is so special to treat him with this. He loves it and looks so happy and content(which is very rare for him upon awaking in the mornings. :)
26. Try 10 new recipes (4/10)
We've both been enjoying this one. I even have three new cookbooks to try new recipes from. I'll post more about that on another day.
31. Make new starter for friendship bread and share
Day 1 of the starter. I finally quit procrastinating and made my starter today. I can already taste the cinnamon bread! Yum!
32. Complete a Cross Stitch

Christmas surprises, maybe? :)
49. Get to my “ideal” weight
I have been working out a few nights a week with some of the girls I work with. It is much more enjoyable and motivating for me when I work out with others.
50. Start recycling consistently
Ok, so I am not a recycling pro yet or anything, but I am making progress. :)
55. Go through my full bottle of vitamins
Slowly but surely making my way through it.
59. Don’t buy any new clothes unless they are fully flattering to my body type and make me feel comfortable AND 60. Build my professional/adult wardrobe
I bought 3 new shirts and LOVE them. I feel completely comfortable and feel that they are very flattering. They are also pieces that are part of my professional/adult wardrobe. I am so excited!
79. Read for pleasure once a day (60/1001)
I slacked on this for a few days while my parents were here but I have read enough on other days that I think it makes up for it. This is probably one of my favorite things to check off on my list. :)

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