Friday, March 13, 2009

Thankful for the rain

I can breath again. And the rain is washing the echo for me. =) It was looking more green than gold the last few days. All of the pollen in the air had really aggravated my allergies. But I woke up this morning(after getting to sleep in to a whopping 9am), and walked outside just to breath in the rain.
My spring break officially started at 1:30 on Wednesday. I worked most of the day yesterday and today I had to work several hours at the Trade Mart for the Jackson Garden and Patio show. I am looking forward to relaxing a good bit in the next week, but I also have a long list on my To-Do list.
We were planning on moving to Honey and BJ's house this weekend but the rain has changed those plans. We were also planning on going camping at Tishamingo State Park for the later part of the week. So the new plans(subject to change) are to spend the weekend packing, camp Monday-Wednesday night at Roosevelt, and move in the latter part of the week. We decided to camp at Roosevelt because it is not far away and we can come back to work at the baseball games on Tuesday and Wednesday night. We can still get a little bit of camping in, work the 2 games at Trustmark Park, and still get moved. Also, Common Ground(the middle school choir at Pinelake) is on their choir tour this week and their homecoming concert is Sunday afternoon. It is always a blessing to watch those middle schoolers share all that they experienced during the week and to worship with them. Makes me miss being a part of it all. :)
All in all, I want to have a relaxing but productive spring break week.
Thankfully, I only have one assignment due when I come back to school. And I am beyond pleased with my mid-term grades.
Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!

P.S. Val, hurry up and move to Pearl! Seriously...

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