Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Shopping, Amish Friendship Bread and anything in between

I picked up an extra shift for yesterday, so today was my only day off this week. I started the morning with an hour long frustrating phone call with Capital One. Trevor and I opened up a Money Market Savings Account with them several months ago but have never received our checks or debit card for the account. Since we will be moving home in two months we will need access to that money for school and housing needs. The first thing the man told me was our account had been frozen and we would not be able to access the account. For how long, they wouldn't stay. This really upset me. They have thousands of our money but we can't use it? That is completely not ok with me.
I asked them what we needed to do to get access to it and they said Trevor would have to go through an hour long conference call to authenticate his identity and social security. His name is only on the account as the co-owner. They said after that process they could send us our checks and debit card in the next month. Rather than go through that process and risk yet another thing going wrong, we closed our account. They should be mailing a check to Mom and Dad's in the next few days for them to deposit into our account. Hopefully nothing else will go wrong.

Trevor and I went to Magic Kingdom after lunch for Christmas shopping. Right now we have 50% cast discount on merchandise through the 16th of November. We thought it would be a good time to get some of our Christmas presents knocked out of the way. :) We bought presents for D'Lynn, Josh, Heather & BJ, and Trevor's mom at MK. We visited in Tomorrowland with some of the people I used to work with before we headed out. Paula, one of the managers of Tomorrowland Merchandise, asked me to e-mail her with my days off so that she can send it to the other managers in T-land and the scheduler so they can schedule me for some extra shifts during the holidays. I am BEYOND excited about this. I loved working in merchandise and I loved the people I worked with in Tomorrowland. The only reason I left was to have the same days off as Trevor and closer shifts. I am pretty excited about the prospect of spending some of my time in T-land during Christmas.

After MK we went to Cast Connection. We bought presents for Trevor's brother Adam and his girlfriend, and Trevor's dad. Trevor bought a bag for me and I bought a kit for making Christmas gift tags.

I am working on making part of the present for my parents. I already know what we are buying for Rachel, Winnie and Caleb. It is just a matter of picking it up. Trevor hasn't decided what to get for his other brothers, Estus and Eli. I would love to have all of the Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving even though none of our family will receive their presents until after New Years when we move home.

I am having trouble dealing with the fact that we won't be with our family's for Christmas. It will be the first time for me to be away from family for Christmas. I know that Trevor and I are now our own family but it is still difficult to adjust to it being just us for the holidays. I don't think we will have stockings this year. And most likely we won't have a tree in order to save money and space when we move home. I just hope that it still feels like Christmas. I would hate for our first Christmas to not even seem like Christmas. It would seem like such a disappointment, especially since it is my favorite time of the year...

On a different note, I used my first batch of bread from my Amish Friendship bread starter. Trevor helped me prepare it and we had a blast cooking. :) It smells so good and is now done baking. I can't wait to taste some of the cinnamon-y goodness!


Heather said...

I am excited about getting a present from MK for Christmas!!!!

Oh, and how did the bread turn out?

Heather said...

Three weeks since you updated your blog... Well written in it... I see you change it to Christmas and I like it!