Thursday, March 6, 2008

2 days!

I have been writing in my journal but decided to make a random entry here while I wait in the Interior Design house for my teacher so that I can turn in my project that is due tomorrow.
I am going to give myself *happy* points because not only did I get this project done and it looks really good(if I do say so myself), but I am turning it in early. It annoys the mess out of me people know when things are due but continually procrastinate. In the case of this project, we got an extension of two day and I had mine done before the original due date. But because of printer problems here at the ID house, it hasn't gotten plotted yet. Also, I chose to take a test early and I turned in a portion of my paper that is due in 2 weeks for reviewing and received extra credit. :)
So far, I am rather pleased with my morning.
I have been busy setting up home in the little apartment that I will share with Trevor. It is so exciting. I know it isn't small but we won't be in Hattiesburg forever(I mean, honestly, we don't even want to be in Mississippi for more than we have to) so there is no point in looking into something "bigger and better".
In 2 days I will be a married woman! True to prediction(a large joke among me and some close friends) I am the first Clegg girl to marry and the first one "living on my own".
Besides not enjoying school entirely, life is amazing and wonderful. I am beyond happy!

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Brittany said...

...just to let you know...I am reading! I saw you through Heather. I'm glad to get to know what is going on with you and I am going to keep reading, as long you as you keep typing. :)